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Keeping food and water fresh is important, and many of our Parrot Feeding Dishes have been designed to reduce mess too!


Aviary style feeders allow you to feed multiple birds easily, and swing feeders mean you can access food and water bowls with little or no disturbance to your birds, great if you have breeding birds! Many pet birds and Parrots seem to enjoy tipping up and emptying out their feeding cups.


If this is a problem with your bird then take a look at our range of Parrot feeders which lock into place onto your Parrot's cage. Quality syringes make measuring out supplements simple. They can also be used when you are hand-feeding baby birds.


With such a good choice of feeding dishes available it has never been easier to find the perfect solution for you and your bird.


From Finches to Large Macaws, you’ll find a feeding dish just right for your Parrot's needs.