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Fill your Meyer’s or Senegal's days with these exciting toys to enrich their lives and keep them physically and mentally stimulated.


Foraging is the activity that’ll get your Meyer’s or Senegal thinking most of all. They do a lot of foraging in the wild and Parrots prefer to track down their food rather than having it readily available in a feeding dish.


There are two styles of foraging toy, chewable and reusable. The aim of reusable foraging toys is to move and manipulate the toy in different directions to uncover the treats hidden inside, whereas with chewable toys your Meyer’s or Senegal has to chew their way through materials to retrieve their delicious food.


Lightweight foot toys are easy for your Meyer’s or Senegal to transport in their beak or feet. Then, once they’ve burned enough calories exercising, they can chew on the foot toys to keep their beaks trim.


Cement the bond between you and your Meyer’s or Senegal by building your own toy together with our toy-making parts. Constructing a toy specific to your bird’s requirements can only increase the enjoyment they get from it. There are blocks, slats, quicklinks, leather strips, cubes, beads, rope, wiffle balls, chains, spools, wheels, disks and leather strips. Alternatively use these to update an existing toy your Parrot is no longer interested in.


As your bird tears apart the shreddable or cardboard and paper toys, your Parrot will revel in the sound the cardboard and paper makes as it’s ripped to pieces.


Your Meyer’s or Senegal can get plenty of exercise from our swings and activity toys. They can have fun and learn a new skill to impress you and all their friends with. Teach your Parrot how to roller skate or identify colours, numbers and shapes.


Stop your Parrot becoming a perch potato with our swing and climbing toys. Your Meyer’s or Senegal can climb all over the moving perches, swings, trapezes, walls and ladders to get a lot of physical exercise. These toys do double as chew toys because interweaved in the design of the toys are plenty of tasty treats for your bird to locate.


Does your Meyer’s or Senegal like making lots of noise? If so they are going to enjoy our bells and musical toys. Every toy plays a tune, chimes or rattles when your Parrot moves closer or touches them, although you may need to show your bird how to start the tune off first.


In our toy packs for Meyer’s and Senegal Parrots you’ll find lots of different varieties of toy, including foot and chewable. We try and rotate the contents regularly to keep the packs fresh and interesting for your bird.


Some of the more natural textured toys your Meyer’s or Senegal can chew on are coconut and cactus, willow and palm or wood and rope. Stronger acrylic and metal toys are better for the more destructive bird.


Get the right toy for your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot right here.