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About Northern Parrots

Here at Northern Parrots we have personally chosen a selection of food and treats, cages, accessories and supplements to give your Parrot only the highest quality items.

We’re chosen the most popular toys that we think will enrich your Parrot’s life, by giving them opportunities to forage, chew, learn and more. There are toys of all the most popular styles in a whole manner of sizes so every species of Parrot always has something new to play on, no matter how big or small they are.

About Northern Parrots

There is a choice of Parrot food too, to appeal to all Parrot palettes. Your bird can enjoy delicious seed and treats from some of the other leading brands in the industry.

The Northern Parrots accessories are created so your bird the highest quality of life. There are perches and stands, so birds have a safe place to rest inside and outside their cage, hideaways, so your Parrot has somewhere to retreat too if they feel scared or threatened, fun gift ideas for fellow Parrot owners like mugs and gift vouchers and feeding dishes, so your feathered friend has a container to enjoy all the yummy food from. 

Take your Parrot on trips using the Northern Parrots travel cages.

Finally there are Northern Parrots supplements that make sure Parrots are following a healthy lifestyle.


The Parrot Backpack Carrier is interesting to carry your Parrot in on long journeys. It has curtains so your bird can see out or have their view obscured, whichever they prefer. 

Inside the backpack there are perches and feeding cups so Parrots can stay refreshed and rested whilst in transit. Holes are fitted through the carrier so the height of the perch can be changed.

Wear the backpack carrier on your shoulder, back or front.  Plus, it’s all easy to clean and assemble.

Another option is the Travel Cage.


The Cuttlefish Bone comes in packs of two if it’s the giant size and packs of four for the average size. Regardless of the size, cuttlefish gives birds a large source of calcium, particularly useful for females producing eggs.

One size of the bone is tougher than the other. The tougher help keeps your bird’s beak trim whilst the softer side releases a fine calcium powder.


There are three sizes of storage box, small, medium and large. Each have a tight seal that lock in the flavour and aroma of the contents within them, keeping food fresh and pests out. Sunlight won’t enter the box either.

Train your Parrot effectively using the Training Clicker. 



The Parrot Premium Professional is a new and improved version of the original Parrot Premium.

The mouth-watering mix have new ingredients such as melon seed that contain important fatty acids, rowan berries that improve digestion, hemp that is a source of Omega 3, elderberries that boost the immune system and cedar nuts that have important amino acids. 

Other gorgeous ingredients include cereals, seed, fruit and vegetables.

Parrot Premium is one of the highest quality mixes and has been developed by avian experts. It’s a great feed for all Parrots.

If you own an African Grey try African Grey Premium Seed. It has a variety of scrumptious fruits, vegetables and seeds that work together to provide your Grey with a healthy balanced diet that only has natural ingredients.

The Parrot Premium No Sunflower No Nut has been developed for birds needing a low energy or maintenance diet. 


The Snuggle Hut style hideaway has three sizes too, small, medium and large. It’s been lined with a dark fabric to create a darker feeling space. There’s only one entrance or exit so your bird can really snuggle, and on the entrance and around the floor of the hideaway there is a solid base.

The Perch Tent is available in a small, medium, large or xlarge size, and is also a safe place for your bird to retreat to. 

Parrot Hideaways


The Tabletop Parrot Playstand is an interesting place for your Parrot to perch, feed and play. To reach the main perch and feeding dishes your bird must climb the steps first. A metal toy hanger is fastened to the rest of the playstand. There is a removable tray at the bottom of the stand to catch any mess your Parrot makes. Available in Stone or Antique.

Place the stand on top of the handy Pedestal stand.

Parrot Stands

Foraging Toys

The Kabob Parrot Treat Holder lets your bird enjoy wholesome food any time of the day and night. Most kinds of foods can be hung from it so that they stay clean and easily accessible.

The Puzzle Treat Tower keeps your bird mentally stimulated and tests their foraging ability. The toy is transparent so that your Parrot can see the treats hidden inside it and perhaps work out how to retrieve them. 

To do that they must make the goodies fall to the bottom. This involves pulling out all three platforms of the tower until the prize tumbles to the bottom. The flat base means the toy won’t fall over during your Parrot’s playtime.

The Foraging Boxes and Foraging Box are pre-filled with the crinkle paper Parrots love chewing, shredding and foraging for, helping to keep a bird’s clever mind occupied for a long time.

There are three holes in the boxes so birds can see what they’re searching for.

The Crinkle and Crunch Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy has plenty of materials and shapes for your bird to find too.

Foraging Toys

A vine ball sits in a woven basket and is bursting with crinkle paper, to create an awesome chewable toy or preening toy. Another alternative is of course hiding rewards for your bird to find inside the woven ball or basket.

In addition to that a wooden block and beads sit next to the woven basket, creating further materials a bird can crunch and pick at. The jingle bell rings out merrily as your Parrot plays.

The Super Star Parrot Foraging Toy is good if your Parrot is new to foraging. It’s transparent so your bird can clearly see the rewards they need to retrieve. Once it’s full of all the goodies your bird needs to work out how to remove the lid of the toy to get to them.

The Whiffle Wonder Toy has three excellent whiffle balls to forage in, along with chewable wood and other fun shapes. They spin round as your bird tries to grab them, adding to the fun challenge.

Preening Toys

The Party Paper Preener Toy lets your bird indulge in two of their favourite things, chewing and foraging. Hundreds of strands of paper hang from the toy and are waiting for your Parrot to chew them up.

There is also a woven vine ball with more strands of paper inside and there is plenty of room to stuff more of your bird’s favourite things, like food and treats, for them to forage for.

The Plaited Pleasure Preening Toy has masses of natural material to chew, shred and destroy. 

Another fabulous preening toy is the Preening Paradise Toy. The core of the toy is plaited sisal rope with masses of strands although there is lots of cotton rope too.

The Preenmonster Wood and Rope Parrot Toy is designed for Parrots that have a tendency to overpreen themselves. There are hundreds of strands of rope connected together in three sections. Added to that the toy dances as your Parrot plays with it and
it has chunks of colourful, chewable wood.

The Multi Preener has lots of thick cotton rope all mixed into one big snuggly bundle. 

Climbing Toys

The Jungle Wood and Rope Ladder Parrot Toy gives your bird a fun exercise routine. Over 20 pieces of wood make up the bridge. 

Some birds like to walk across the bridge, but because the wooden pieces have bark across time, Parrots can spend their days tearing it up and chewing on it. Cotton rope runs down the side of the toy, something else for birds to untie and munch on.

Bells and Musical Toys

Parrots love toys that make as much noise as they do, which is why they enjoy bells and musical toys so much.

The Jingle Stars Toy has shiny bells that rattle together too, whilst the Star Hanger Toy has acrylic parts and bells that rattle together, creating a sound pleasing to your bird’s ear.

Jingle Stars Toy

The Calcium Crunch Feast is a fun way to ingest calcium too, along with seashells, later rubber and coloured rope.

Feeding Dishes

The Quick Locking Feeding Bowl, available in a small or large size, stops your bird from tipping over their food. 

Feeding Dishes

The Stainless Steel Feeding Dishes are available in a 20oz, 30oz and 5oz size. 


The Parrot Boing – Cotton Spiral Bouncing Perch is available in one of two sizes, medium or large Each perch offers varying lengths of cotton perch for your bird to play on. They all have an uneven surface so your bird’s feet are well exercised.

The thick material and metal bell gives your Parrot plenty to interact with but of course there is always room to add more toys or materials to the perch to create a personalised playtime for your bird.

The Wavy Calcium Perch is available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and jumbo. All Parrots, but particularly Greys, need calcium to build strong bones and beak. The textured surface exercises feet as they walk across it.

The Sanded Nail Trimming Forked Parrot Perch – Medium has an uneven surface that exercises your bird’s feet as they walk across it.

The Natural Forked Perch is ready to buy in large or jumbo sizes. The wood has been dried to increase hardness and withstand your Parrot’s chewing attempts indefinitely. It’s still comfortable to stand on and has varying widths for active feet to move around on.

The Natural Corner Perch fits neatly across the corners of your Parrot’s cage, whilst its uneven surface keeps beak and nails trim and healthy. Attach other materials onto it for birds to play with.

The Nail Trimming Roll or Swing Parrot Perch can be used as a swing by fastening it across your Parrot’s cage or a balancing perch, a new skill for Parrots to learn.

There are dedicated Nail Trimming Perches too, available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and jumbo, that help to keep nails a shorter length. 


The Wooden Twirler Spinning Parrot Perch has a colourful toy at the end, giving your bird lots of physical and mental stimulation. 

The Coloured Cotton Perch is available in medium, large or xlarge sizes. You can make lots of fun shapes with it. 

Coloured Cotton Perch


Another interesting shape for a bid to enjoy is the Coloured Bendy Ladder Parrot Climbing Toy. It can be attached either end of a cage and two or more can be linked together to give a bird a real workout.

The Activity Swing for Parrots is a swinging activity toy that has a host of materials to amuse your  bird, all found between two wooden perches.

Activity Swing

There are wooden blocks running down the side of the toy, wooden hoops linked over the wooden perch and cotton rope attached at various places along the toy for the bird to chew and preen on. Your Parrot can have hours of fun trying to remove the rings from the perches.

Chewable Toys

The Vine Ball Tree Hanging Parrot Toy has an array of materials for your bird to enjoy too. There are chewable wood blocks, wood dowels, wood lolly sticks, vine balls and knotted natural rope.

The Balls and Blocks Hanging Parrot Toy has lots of different materials and textures for your bird to explore as well.

Vividly coloured lolly sticks have been pushed through the vine ball and you need to teach your Parrot how to pull them out again.

You can push tit bits inside the vine balls and wiffle balls, although the wiffle balls already have beads inside which create a rattling noise Parrots like. The metal bell ringing away adds to the noise levels.

Knotted leather legs keep the wiiffle balls in place and fasten onto the chewable wooden blocks.

There are crunchy vine rings in the Coloured Willow Ring Woven Chew Toy. These rings can be threaded over perches or connected to other toys. All size of Parrot can enjoy them.

The Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Parrot Puzzle Toy needs your Parrot to turn mechanic and work out how to remove the plastic nuts and bolts and then decide how to put them back together again.

The Natural Maize Mat Chewable Toy can be hung in your Parrot’s cage for them to investigate or several can be linked together to make a mat which could cover the whole wall of a cage. Another use is for Parrots to use them as a hideaway and then chew them to pieces when they’re ready. Parrots revel in the crunchy noise the toy makes as it’s ripped to shreds.

The Fun Filled Woven Vine Ball has plenty for your Parrot to munch on too. Inside there is a selection of chewable materials but there is still room to add more of your bird’s most loved treat too. Useful as a foot toy or for attaching to other toy-making parts.

Giant Munch Balls like this one have vine and rope hidden inside that your can chew and unravel, although like many of the other toys there are gaps for more to be added inside and outside the ball.

Woven Vine Ball
Foot Toys

Foot toys are useful for Parrots because they give them exercise through play and are light enough for your bird to carry in their feet or beak.

The Sneaker Foot Toy is a wonderful example of a foot toy, although it can be used as a toy-making part as well.

It is brightly coloured and has lots of textures for your bird to explore. There’s soft cotton laces for the bird to chew and untie and rubber that a bird’s beak won’t be able to wait to get into.

Parrots can enjoy their very own Flip Flop too. The shoes have a hole in their heel so you can attach them to your Parrot’s cage or attached to other toys to create further interest for your bird. They’re fun as a toy-making part too.

The Jingle Ball Parrot Play Toy comes in two sizes, medium and large. If your Parrot loves making noise (and let’s face it, what Parrot doesn’t?) then these balls could be for them. It could become either a foot toy or foraging toy, as it has holes inside which the owner can fill with foods, treats and materials.

The Jute Rope Ball Parrot Foot Toy is suited for big chewers and destructive Parrots. The jute rope fibres create masses of chewing, preening and unravelling fun.

The ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Toy comes in a large size. There is a generously sized ABC block on either end of the toy. Some ABC blocks have carved letters, others have printed numbers or pictures on.

Activity and Trick Toys

The Roller Skates, in a small size, are another toy that may require some positive reinforcements. Parrots can scoot slowly along on the skates to get exercise and probably a lot of attention too. They have a sanded perch so your Parrot can grip.

Wood and Rope Toys

The elephant shaped Eric Elephant Wood and Rope Parrot Toy has brightly coloured wood shapes to chew and that vital cotton rope to pick, pull, preen and untie. Your Parrot will be making this toy their new friend in no time.

The Chewstacks Wood and Rope Toy is a stimulating knotted tower of brightly coloured, stacked wooden blocks. Your Parrot can enjoy a little birdie workout climbing on the toy or exercise their beak by chewing on them instead.Intertwined in the wooden blocks is cotton and sisal rope to undo and preen with.

Jumbo Fun Wood and Rope Parrot Toy has even more beak-pleasingly good wooden blocks fastened to wooden dowel columns using cotton rope, all of which are high chewable.

The tied rope can be pulled from side to side, whilst the two connected poles move around when a bird tries to grab them.

The Coconut Treasure Chest has masses of exposed coco fibres to pick at, chew on and unravel.

Coconut Treasure Chest

Other Toys

The Willow Wizard Hanging Parrot Toy is made from vine material that many Parrots love. Munchable vine balls are attached to a woven vine star and birds can pick at, preen on and forage inside them. 

Chewable wooden slats and beads brighten up the toy, which is held together with sisal strips.

The Stuffed Slice Hanging Parrot Toy has plenty of chewing opportunities too. Chunky wood balls and beads are fastened onto both sides of a thick wood slice. Leather laces keep them all in place whilst underneath them there is brightly coloured sisal ropes to pick and preen.

Push small food pieces into the holes of the wood balls, promoting your Parrot to forage for their reward.

Your Parrot can indulge in their own retail therapy with the Shopping Trolley.

Parrot Treats

Northern Parrots have a delicious selection of Parrot treats to choose from.

The Palm Fruit Extract is adored by most Parrots, but particularly African Greys because it is made from their natural food source. It improves your bird’s feather condition and the colour of their plumage, making it a healthy treat for Parrots.

It’s been cold pressed and filtered to remove solids left over from the pressing process. This is a 500ml tub.

There is also an Organic version of the Palm Nut Oil. 

Palm Nut Oil

African Greys love Palm Nuts too. although most other species of Parrot won’t mind tucking into them either.

They are sweet tasting and contain high amounts of Vitamin E which boosts your Parrot’s immune system and magnesium that helps deliver nutrients around the body. Available in a 250g or 1kg packet.

Sugar Cane, available as a 150g food source, is yet another nutritious treat for Parrots to enjoy. It’s a food your Parrot would encounter in the wild, because it grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Sugar Cane is bursting with calcium that helps your bird build strong bones, and other important vitamins and minerals. Parrots can tear it all to pieces and receive those crucial health benefits.

Sugar Cane

The Coconut Cubes are of human grade quality. The diced segments are the ideal treats for hiding in foraging toys, as well as giving your bird important vitamins and minerals.

Northern Parrots Cedar Nuts are also of human grade quality. Nuts are relatively small (between 1-2cm) making them just the right size for pushing into foraging devices.

To give your bird more variety in their diet, try the Fruit and Veggie Treat Mix. It has a host of scrumptious ingredients, such as carrots, pineapple and berries. It blends in well with seed and is good for hiding in foraging devices.

The Pilli Nuts are full of anti-oxidants, managanese and more. 

For just vegetables, try the Quick Cook Veggie Treat. The pre-cooked, dried vegetable mixture contains kidney beans, peas and loads more.

All you need to do to prepare it is mix a small portion of it with a little bit of boiled or hot water to create a soft and healthy meal.

More choices of food can be found in the Pumpkin Mix Treat. The seeds in the mix are packed with goodness that keeps your bird in tip top condition and supporting birds that are recovering from illness.

Tasty ingredients include dried pumpkin that is rich in vitamins, fibre and anti-oxidants.

Brown’s Carnival Treats for small, medium and large birds are full of fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Santa Fe treats are full of spices.

Pumpkin seeds are full of essential nutrients to keep your Parrot fit and healthy.

Whole Walnuts in Shells have large quantities of nutrients, proteins and fatty acids. With the shell remaining, it replicates a foraging behaviour that your bird could encounter in the wild. Your Parrot has to crack open the large shell nuts to find their reward.

The husk has been removed to get to the shell, which is in two halves. Shells are hard and cover the kernel, which is also in two halves.

The Wheat Grass lets you grow a tasty treat. 

January 2017 Products

In early 2017 we released more new products for you and your Parrot.

For foraging fun, try the Fill Me Up Foraging Parrot Toy. Fill it with all your bird’s favourite things. 

If your Parrot always chews on your stationary, introduce them to the Pencil Foot Toys, in a small or large size. 

Let your Parrot enjoy delicious food and treats from the Parrot Food Mate, available in a small or large size. They reduce the amount of mess your bird makes in their cage.

Parrot Food Mate

The Manzanita T Perch exercises feet. 

March 2017 Products

In March 2017 we released more new products for you and your Parrot.

There is three times the amount of fun inside the Triple Foraging Pouches, with three fun bags for your Parrot to find treats in.

There are more goodies hidden inside the Popsicle Pouch too.  

If your Parrot prefers preening fun there is lots to be had with the Preening Arch. 

Your Parrot is going to go starry eyed for the Starry Eyed Wood and Rope Toy, with lots of wood to chew on and rope to preen with.

Starry Eyed Wood And Rope Toy

The Stainless Steel Bells are available in a small, medium and large size, meaning your noiseloving Parrot can really turn up the volume levels.

The Rattle Foot Toys is available in a medium size and is fun for Parrots to hold in their feet to shake, rattle and roll too.

The Dingaring Toy chimes too, and you can hide goodies inside for your Parrot to find.

The Foraging Rattle, available in a medium or large size, lets your Parrot forage and rattle around as they play.

Foraging gives your Parrot lots of mental stimulation, by hiding treats inside for your Parrot to find. So putting goodies inside the Foraging Pouch  means you can do just that.

The Out of This World Toy has lots of sticks to chew, plus plastic star beads to remove. 

The Party Spinner Play Perch has lots of materials and toys to entertain your Parrot as they perch. 

They can learn colours and numbers too, with the Acrylic Puzzle Shapes.

Animal shaped toys are sure to intrigue your inquisitive Parrot, so the Jellyfish Natural Toy definitely capture their imagination. Plus, they can chew on them, pick at them and loads more. 

Revamp current toys or build an exciting new toy with the Willow Ring Chains and Assorted Wood Fruit Chews.

There are lots of colourful and stimulating binkies to remove on the whiffle ball on the Binkies Ball Foot Toy (in a small or large size), Super Binkies and a refill pack is available should you run out of the important binkies. There is a Hanging Binkies Toy too. 

The Giant See Grass Ball is full of natural materials your Parrot can enjoy unravelling and chewing on.

The Snack Tray Refills is a good place for your Parrot to enjoy food from too. 

Your Parrot can enjoy some calcium as they perch with the Edible Calcium Perch in a small, medium or large size. Parrots need calcium to synthesise Vitamin D3.

The Sanded Nail Trimming Arch Swing, in a medium or large size, trims your Parrot’s nails as they perch, so no more expensive trips to the vets for nail clipping.

Sanded Nail Trimming Arch Swing

2018 Toys

Edible clams in a small or large size keep feet healthy and are a source of calcium.  

Parrots are going to love swinging and climbing around on the Tweet Heart Birdie Play Pad Toy. Plus, you can weave on other materials too.

The Chewtastic Toy is perfect for big chewers, which of course every Parrot is.

The Pom Pom Stacker also has loads of rope for preening with, together with stacks of coloured wood.

Pom Pom Stacker

If your Parrot likes the tasty textures of cactus, they’ll love the Triple Cactus Slice Mineral Chew and Cactus Slice Mineral Chew Toy.

For vine loves there is the Woven Vine Ball on Chain.

The Jute Swinger is fun to play and climb in.

Noise-loving Parrots enjoy the Charming Jingle Ball. Also available in a Large size. 

Also teach your bird how to shop with the Shopping Basket.

Parrots can never resist a cheeky look at their own reflection, that’s why the Looking Good Parrot Toy and Mirror is perfect for them.

There are so many fibres to enjoy on the Coconut Shell and Husk Pieces, and 8 in every pack, so hours of fun for your Parrot.

Can your Parrot break their treats free from the Jail Break Chewable Foraging Toy?

Exercise feet with the Sanded Nail Trimming Tabletop Stand and Large and Medium Edible Calcium and Pollen Perches.

Finally there is the Coco Shooting Star. Hang in your bird’s cage for chewing and preening fun. 

Coco Shooting Star

October 2018 Products

Your Parrot can enjoy a burst of water with the Bird Mister, available in a 240ml Trigger Spray or 1Litre Pump Action Spray.

The Sisal Tarzan Rope is ready to order in a small, medium or large size. This has lots of knots for your bird to untie, as well as an uneven texture to exercise feet.

The Medium Chain Link Rattles, Pan Clacker and Happy Rattle Foot Toy bring musical fun to your bird’s cage.

At Christmas, your bird can explore all the paper and fibres of the Jolly Christmas Ball Stuffers.

The Sisal Rope Zig Zag Perch is available in a small, medium, large or xlarge size. It is soft, strong and lightweight, perfect for exercising feet.

The Parrot Boing comes in a small size. Hang it up in your bird’s cage so they can enjoy climbing on it, and the shiny bell at the bottom too.

Test your Parrot’s foraging skills with the Treat Dispensing Machine, Cubes, Seesaw or Maze or the Hide A Treat. Your feathered friend has to work at moving and tilting the toy around to get their treats out.

The Lucky Ducky Long Legs and Paper Party Wheel has many paper sticks for your bird to shred and unravel.

The Popsicle Sticks and Medium Binkies Ball are fun for your Parrot to pick up and move around.

The Perch and Cup gives your Parrot somewhere to rest on as they eat from their dish.

The Punch Bowl  is overflowing with different materials and textures for your Parrot to explore.

Spring 2020 Toys

The Cheeky Chimp is a new wooden friend for your Parrot to chew on.

Let your Parrot go foraging inside the Coconut Eclipse or Bamboo Foraging Barrel.

The Beaky Peaky, Dancing Spools and Crunch and Munch are perfect for hiding treats in.

The Natural Log Ladder gives your Parrot lots of exercise.

Your Parrot can have their own Remote Control to play with, so no more stealing yours.

At Christmas time, watch your Parrot enjoy going foraging in the cracker, santa, reindeer, snowman or toy bucket. 

The Happy Perch comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. It can be attached all around your home, so you can take your Parrot with you wherever you go.

There are 50 Ice Cream Sticks, perfect for revamping toys or building fresh ones. Other toy-making parts are the Small Groovy Blocks or Hardwood Hoops.

The Knot Block and Mop Top Preener have many preenable strands for your bird to enjoy.

Let your Parrot enjoy jelly treats from the Holder. 

The Jaws Ball can be filled with all kinds of goodies. 

The Jiggly Bug has cotton rope, beads and a cow bell for your feathered friend.

The Activity Wall, Coconut Husk Stacker and Picking Pocket have a range of fibres for your Parrot to play and exercise on.

Summer 2020 Toys

The Pedicure Ladder is available in 5 steps or 9 steps for small birds and 5 or 7 steps for bigger birds. It trims nails as birds walk on it.

The Manu Mineral Perches come in a small, medium and large perch and Java Wood Perches come in a small, medium and large size. All help to exercise feet.  The Java Preening Perch even helps with preening.

The Unicorn Pinata and Parrot Pinata lets Parrots enjoy in chewing and shredding fun.

The Foraging Cubes and Bucket gives Parrots hours of foraging fun.

The Book Worm offer hours of chewing fun.

The Clicker lets you modify your Parrot’s behaviour by positive reinforcement.

The Ten Pin Bowling teaches your Parrot the art of bowling.

The Secura Cup stops Parrots tipping food out. 

There is new jute, sisal and cotton rope, available in two sizes each.

Parrots can keep themselves looking beautiful with the Mirror, Small Preening Arch, Rainbow Ring, Giant and Large Ring and Knotty Preener, available in a small and medium size.

There is a new smaller Jellyfish too.

The Swing Chime and Simply Chiming let smaller birds make music and climb at the same time.

2021 Toys

Let your Parrot go foraging in the Brilliant Boxes.

Smaller Parrots have their own Skateboard too.

Your Parrot can make lots of noise with the Spoon Clacker, Keys to My Heart or Xylophone.

They can enjoy shredding fun with the Le Tenda.

The three sizes of Shreddable Foraging Ball entertain Parrots for hours.

Make your own toy with the Seagrass Mat.

There are now spare Buttons for the remote control. 

 Northern Parrots: A personally chosen selection of Parrot food, toys, cages, accessories and supplements. 

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