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  • cuttlefish bone for parrots

    Cuttlefish Bone for Cage Birds Pack of 2 to 4 Pieces

    • Keeps your Parrot healthy
    • Keeps beaks trim
    • Source of important calcium
    • Suitable for Budgie, Lovebird, Cockatiel and more
  • loro parque mineral block

    Loro Parque Mineral Block for Parrots - 400g

    • Helps aid digestion
    • Has important minerals
    • Easy for Parrots to chew
    • Suitable for African Grey, Macaw, Cockatiel and more
  • pluck no more 8oz

    Pluck No More Natural Feather Plucking Remedy 8oz

    • Developed by Kings Cages
    • Feather plucking remedy successfully used by many bird owners
    • Safe and natural homeopathic formula
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • wheeze-eeze respiratory aid

    Wheeze-Eeze 250ml - Ready-to-Use Respiratory Aid for Birds

    • Loosen catarrh from your bird's throat
    • Has 5 herbs that have anti-bacterial qualities
    • Supports your Parrot's natural defences
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • versele-laga no pick

    Versele-Laga No Pick 100ml

    • Spray onto your Parrot's feathers to reduce plucking
    • Has a bitter taste Parrots hate
    • Can be used daily
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • Rainforest Mist for Budgies and Cockatiels 8oz

    Rainforest Mist Bathing Spray for Budgies and Cockatiels 8oz

    • Soothe your Parrot's skin and condition feathers
    • Can reduce feather plucking
    • Reduces moulting and other feather related conditions
    • Suitable for Budgie, Cockatiel, Lovebird and more.
  • mineral grit for birds

    Beaphar Mineral Grit for Pet Birds - 250g

    • Essential health supplement
    • Provides a valuable source of minerals
    • Contains charcoal and finely selected gravel
    • Suitable for Budgie, Canary and Finch
  • 50ml bsp vitamins

    BSP Liquid Multi Vitamin Drops for Parrots 50ml

    • Has vitamins and minerals to keep your Parrot in good condition
    • Low dose, high palatability and acceptance
    • Multi-vitamin liquid is ideal for routine use in drinking water
    • Suitable for all Parrots
  • 100g avipro avian

    Avipro Avian Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement 100g

    • A useful supplement to keep Parrot guts healthy
    • Can be used in water or food
    • Has vitamins and minerals to keep your Parrot in good condition
    • Suitable for all birds and Parrots
  • Rainforest Mist African Grey and Amazon 17oz

    Rainforest Mist African Grey and Amazon 17oz

    • Soothes skin and feathers and reduces feather plucking
    • Use daily to condition feathers
    • Removes mites and lice
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Conure and more
  • feather plucking rescue pack

    Feather Plucking Parrot Rescue Pack

    • For birds that are feather plucking
    • Contains Calcivet Liquid, Potent Brew and EasyBird
    • Reduces nutritional deficiencies
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon and more
  • opti plume

    BioGance Opti Plume Feather and Skin Care 250ml

    • Helps to keep your Parrot's feathers shiny and healthy
    • Soothes your Parrot's skin
    • Can be used regularly
    • Suitable for all Parrots