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The days when a Parrot seed mix consisted of little more than sunflower seeds and peanuts, with the odd chilli added for colour are long gone. Increased knowledge and continual research to provide the best possible seed based diet, means you can be sure that your bird has access to some of the cleanest, tastiest and healthiest seed mixes available. 


Seed mixes give you the opportunity to feed your feathered friend in a more natural way compared to pelleted or complete diets. Many seed diets contain human grade quality ingredients, increased fruit and nut contents or have been enriched with essential vitamins and minerals so you can be sure your bird is eating a more balanced diet.


As with any diet, variation and diversity should always be promoted. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouting seeds and pulses and are the perfect complement to the more natural way of feeding that seed diets offer.


Let your Parrot experience the goodness of Parrot and Bird Seeds today.  Here is a large range of high quality seed mixes for all types of pet birds and Parrots. With so much choice, you will find the perfect mix for your bird here. 


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