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What Is World Budgie Day

What Is World Budgie Day

Posted by World Budgie Day, Budgies, Budgie Day, Budgie Care on 9/1/2024

It’s World Budgie Day on March 16th so if you own a Budgerigar or just love these smaller members of the Parrot family then read on.

Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans celebrated the day with his listeners in 2012 so let’s hope he marks the occasion again. He originally believed it was Budget Day but quickly changed his mind and realised it was World Budgie Day.

Facts About Budgies

Budgies (called Parakeets in the USA) originate from the inland regions of Australia. Adult Budgies can grow up to 18cm tall, weigh 30g upwards and live for up to 14 years of age. They are a variety of colours, including white, blue, green and yellow.

Budgies are easily tamed, making them the perfect pet for many people. They are also quiet (by bird standards anyway,) easy to care for and have a fun personality. Male Budgies are excellent mimics. Although they only have a small voice they can learn an incredible number of words. Female Budgies don’t learn to mimic as well.

Budgies are social creatures and more than one should ideally be kept together.

For more useful information on Budgies read Rosemary Low’s useful factsheet here.

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Budgie Products

Keep your active Budgie busy with our great choice of toys for Budgies. Keep your Budgerigar entertained for a long time with our exciting range of toys that give them oodles of amusement.

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But we have plenty of other cages, food, accessories and supplements to enrich your Budgie’s life too.

We have cages designed specifically for small birds like Budgies, to use as a permanent home and cages for when you and your Budgie are travelling. Why not give your bird a brand new home on World Budgie Day?

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Finally there is a superb array of supplements that your Budgie could take to stay fit and healthy. They treat common bird illnesses and issues such as feather plucking.

Are you going to be celebrating World Budgie Day with your Budgerigar? Let us know in the comments.

Our friends over at Feathered Friends are going to be celebrating the day with us.

Budgie Day Offers

As with all our bird days, there is going to be very special offers.

These offers are only available for one week.

We hope you enjoy the day and take advantage of our fantastic offers.