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Swings and Climbing Toys are a great way to keep your bird active. Not only are they a toy with materials to chew, pick and preen, they encourage your Parrot to move around, helping them to keep fit and healthy. What more could your bird want than a stage to show off their incredible acrobatic skills!


Providing toys for your bird which encourages them to move and climb around to access various parts is important. Generally restricted to the space in their cage and/or play gym, the amount of time many Parrots get to exercise well is limited. So ensuring your bird has toys that allow them to really let off some steam, swing about and flex those wings is well worth the investment. If your Parrot has a head for heights (and let’s face it, what Parrot doesn’t?) they’ll love the climbing toys.


Plus they can get active and stay healthy at the same time. They encourage active play whilst providing both a mental and physical work out. Pet birds and Parrots love attention and spending time with their human flock, so what could be better that teaching your bird how to count, identify colours or shoot hoops.


Spending quality time with your Parrot helps to reinforce the bond between you as well as the element of trust. Using basic trick toys is a great way of teaching your bird simple yet useful commands, such as step up and step down. Just make sure you have tasty treats handy or offer your bird plenty of praise when they complete the task.


Ensure your Parrot is always supervised when they are playing with their toys.