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Find all the Parrot supplies you’ll ever need in stock ready for fast delivery. In fact we’ve pretty much got Everything for your Parrot. There’s feeding bowls; including ones that lock into place, a huge range of perches, hideaways, special UV bird lighting and other bird cage accessories, plus harnesses to use away from the cage.


Parrot perches come in all kinds of shapes and materials to provide variety for your bird. The most important factor is to ensure you provide perches with varied diameters, to help exercise your bird's feet. Sanded perches are really popular as they help keep your Parrot's nails and beak trim.


Pet birds and Parrots benefit hugely from the correct levels of UV light. Many owners are amazed at how much their bird benefits when they start using UV bird lights. Visit our Bird Lights section to learn more.


Taking your Parrot out and about with you can be great fun, but to ensure your feathered friend stays safe use a Parrot harness. The Aviator Harness and Flight Line allows your Parrot to master the art of flying without you worrying they'll escape. If your Parrot insists on joining you for a shower or bath then take a look at the shower perches, designed to fasten securely onto tiles, glass or mirrors. 


Keep your Parrot's cage clean and tidy too with the cleaning products and disinfectants, water purifiers and clean up sprays. Any current or future Parrot owner should recognise how important it is to learn about their bird.


There are a series of DVD’s produced by avian experts that help explain everything you need to know about caring for and training your bird. Let Northern Parrots help you wait on your Parrot wing and foot with these brilliant Parrot Accessories.


Click to watch our video on Parrot Accessories.