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Complete Foods and Pellets for pet birds have been around longer than many people think, and offer the ideal solution in helping to prevent the many cases of malnutrition still found in pet Parrots. Providing your bird with a balanced and nutritious diet is essential in maintaining their overall health.


Parrots fed on seeds have a tendency to pick through the mix, removing and usually discarding the less favoured seeds to the cage floor, and only eating the more desirable, and in most cases, least nutritional seeds. With a Complete Diet there is very little or no waste created, unlike seed mixes which include shells from nuts and seed husks.


This makes a Complete Feed more economical than you may first realise, especially in a time where the global demand for seeds, nuts and grains are dramatically increasing, pushing up prices. Avian veterinarians all over the world recommend Complete Diets, which now come in a range of colours, shapes and flavours, making for fun and interesting meal times for Parrots.


With our excellent choice of Complete Food, your Parrot can enjoy the varied and nutritious diet they need.


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