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Travelling With Your Pet Bird Or Parrot

Travelling With Your Pet Bird Or Parrot

Posted by Travelling with your pet bird, Travelling with your Parrot, travel safely with your Parrot on 23/1/2024

Here’s advice on travelling with your Parrot.

Whether it is for a day trip to the park or a longer family holiday, we know you like to take your Parrot with you. Being able to travel and not leave your beloved companion behind at home is a great feeling.

Therefore it is important to prepare yourself and your feathered friend for the journey and ensure they have the right accessories during their travel and when they get there.

Travelling can be stressful for your Parrot so finding a solution that causes the minimum of disruption to your bird is crucial.

Travel Cages

We recommend using a travel cage to transport your pet bird and Parrot. They are lightweight, strong and can easily be carried wherever you go.

Travel cages are designed to give your Parrot the maximum amount of room possible to increase their comfort, whilst being a convenient size and weight for you to easily transport them.

So that your Parrot feels secure when travelling and to stop the door rattling whilst in transit, most travel cages have bird proof locks and hidden magnets to keep the door firmly shut.

It should go without saying that a travel cage needs to be escape proof, because it would be devastating to arrive at your destination only to find your Parrot isn’t with you!

Perches are usually supplied with most travel cages, although we suggest you fit one of your bird’s favoured perches to make them feel more at home and reduce stress.


A backpack carrier could be a useful alternative to a travel cage. Unlike travel cages these can be worn on the back, front or shoulder, keeping your bird even closer to you.

Backpacks have curtains that can be drawn back (depending on the view your Parrot likes to enjoy), perch, feeding dishes and a removable bottom panel for simple cleaning.


With an Aviator harness, once you’ve arrived, your Parrot can get out and about with you.

A harness means your Parrot can stay attached to you and still stretch their wings without you worrying they’ll escape.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors in safety allows your Parrot to even more quality time with you, and they benefit from the full spectrum of natural light; allowing them to see the world in full colour, how amazing! (For more on the benefits of UV light please read our bloghere.)


Having toys for your Parrot is important to keep them occupied on long journeys. Toys that are chewable for example can help stop your Parrot gnawing on other things they shouldn’t.

TIP: Hanging toys may cause a hazard to a Parrot when the travel cage is moving; try offering a selection of foot toys instead.

Food and Water

No matter how long or short the travel time is your Parrot should have access tofood and water. Most travel cages and the Parrot Backpack come with bowls.

TIP: It may be an idea to change the food and or water bowl for a non-tipping or gravity style one to help reduce water (mainly) from splashing around. Providing your Parrot knows how to use one, a water bottle may be more practical than a dish.

With a little bit of thought and planning you and your companion bird can enjoy some memorable times out and about exploring the world (or the park) together.