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Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness

Posted by Parrot Wellness on 25/1/2024

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We should all be taking care of our feathered friends and their wellness / wellbeing.

By pet wellness we mean two things. 1. Encouraging you to take your Parrot to the vet for regular check-ups, even when they’re not unwell. And 2. Taking care of your Parrot at home.

Here at Northern Parrots, we have a range of products to target every area of your Parrot’s body and keep them in tip top condition. We have toys to keep their mind engaged and beak busy, perches to exercise feet and trim nails, foods to support heart, brain and eye health, UV light to help with proper Vitamin D3 metabolism which keeps bones healthy and treatments and cures for common Parrot illnesses.

Let’s start from the top…


Kaytee Rainbow Exact contains DHA, an Omega-3 acid which supports your Parrot’s heart, brain and eyes. It does this by providing balanced nutrition.

Foraging toys also give your Parrot mental stimulation. By searching for food inside toys, just as they would search for food in the wild, it occupies your Parrot’s clever mind for a long time.


Toys made from wood provide safe materials for your Parrot. We know Parrots often like to chew on things they shouldn’t. Chewing helps your Parrot to keep their beak healthy and trim.

Feathers and Wings

Rainforest Mist helps to keep feathers shiny and plumage in good condition. Many Parrots enjoy being bathed regularly.

Allow your Parrot to stretch their wings safely with an Aviator Harness. In the wild your Parrot can spend many hours flying, sometimes up to eight hours a day. Learning to fly improves your Parrot’s co-ordination, intelligence and more.


Ensure your Parrot gets between 8-12 hours of UV a day to allow your Parrot to synthesise calcium in their body. This allows them to maintain strong bones and normal growth.

We also have supplements from trusted brands including Vetark and The Birdcare Company. Many Parrots would benefit from additional vitamins and minerals, such as calcium. Vital for all Parrots but is particularly important for African Greys.


Give your Parrot the right diet by following our Northern Parrots Simple 60, 30, 10 Nutrition Plan.

60% of their diet should be a complete or pelleted food, 30% vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, seeds and nuts. With the final 10% being treats, including peanuts and sunflower seeds.


Perches with an uneven surface helps to exercises your Parrot’s feet. Sanded perches are great for keeping your Parrot’s nails trim, reducing stressful trips to the vet for nail clipping. Many Parrots also use rough surface to wipe their beak on to help keep them clean.

If you would like any more information on keeping your Parrot fit and well please contact our friendly customer services team on or call our freephone number, which is 0800 488 0345.