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Pet Appreciation Week

Pet Appreciation Week

Posted by Parrot Appreciation on 25/1/2024

Do you love your Parrot? Of course you do. Well Pet Appreciation Week is the time to show it even more than you might do normally.

We’ve just started Pet Appreciation Week, as it always takes place in the first full week of June, so this year it’s happening from Monday June 1st to Sunday June 7th.


We’re not sure how this week came about; however any excuse to spoil our Parrots is fine by us.

It’s a time to show your Parrot just how much they mean to you. They show us unconditional love so it’s only right we should do the same to them.

Pets even have health benefits. They can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, make their owner more sociable and encourage them to exercise more and get rid of stress. So you should appreciate them as much as they appreciate us.


Give your Parrot a new spacious cage. They’ll appreciate having somewhere roomy to fly around in, eat in, play with toys in and go to sleep in. We have an assortment of cages to choose from, including open top and play top cages.

Show your Parrot you appreciate them in the form of tasty Parrot treats. We have lots of scrumptious snacks to choose from in lots of fun to eat flavours and formats. They’re great as a positive reinforcement or for hiding in foraging toys too.

Explore our large choice of food for your Parrot. Any new flavour of food you can give to your Parrot’s diet is definitely going to be appreciated.

You could offer your Parrot an exciting new toy instead? Parrots need plenty of toys in order to stay physically and mentally stimulated and prevent birdie boredom and the destructive behaviours that go with it, which you will no doubt appreciate stopping.

There are lots of styles of toy to choose from. There are foraging toys, to help replicate a Parrot’s behaviour in the wild and keep them physically and mentally stimulated, bells and musical toys, something all noisy Parrots enjoy playing with, swings and activity toys, to give your Parrot exercise as they play and many more. Whichever you choose, your Parrot will always appreciate having something fresh and exciting to play with.


All Parrots appreciate having somewhere to retreat to when they feel scared or threatened. Hideaways are just the place for that. They are very warm and cosy inside, and the perfect spot for your Parrot to rest in until they’re ready to face the world again.

Or help your Parrot groom and preen themselves instead with a preening toy or pedicure ladder. We have four sizes of ladder to choose from, letting you find the size right for your bird and they keep your Parrot’s beak and claws trim and in good condition, and feathered friend is bound to thank you for and appreciate having healthy, shorter nails.

Preening toys are another way of keeping Parrots busy, as well as helping them to maintain a bright and healthy looking plumage that your Parrot is sure to appreciate.

We would always encourage you to spoil your Parrot all 52 weeks of the year though.

How are you going to show your Parrot you appreciate them during National Pet Appreciation Week? Or how do you show your Parrot you appreciate them? Let us know in the comments below.

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