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Cockatoo Toy Guide

Cockatoo Toy Guide

Posted by Cockatoo Parrot Toys, Cockatoo Toy Guide, Cockatoo Toy Pack, Cockatoo Foraging Toy, Cockatoo entertainment, best toy for Cockatoo on 19/7/2018

There are loads of different toy types available for your Cockatoo. In this handy guide we’ll look at the different styles and highlight some of the most popular and highly rated toys for Cockatoos.

Foraging Toys

Your Cockatoo’s natural instinct is to search for and retrieve their food, now commonly referred to as foraging.

With chewable foraging toys your ‘Too must chew or shred their way to their reward. With reusable foraging toys they have to solve a puzzle to reach their prize. You can refill the toy each time, and some even allow you to alter the difficulty.

Let your Cockatoo’s big beak shred and chew their way through the Foraging Pouch, which comes prefilled with crinkle paper, but you can easily add more goodies. 

The Pack of 4 Foraging Boxes are perfect if your Cockatoo is just getting used to foraging. These also come prefilled with shreddable crinkle paper.

With the Turn ‘n’ Learn Logs your Cockatoo must unscrew the bolts to retrieve their rewards. 

The Buffet Party Ball can be filled with food, treats and materials – anything your Cockatoo will work for.

Swings and Climbing Toys

Give your Cockatoo exercise through play.

The Double Cotton Swinger is made from soft cotton your bird can enjoy swinging around and climbing on.

The Jungle Wood and Rope Ladder has over 30 pieces of wood to chew and climb on, for healthy Cockatoo beak and feet.

Foot Toys

Are designed to help keep your Cockatoo’s feet well exercised.

The Sneaker Foot Toy is colourful with interesting textures to explore. You can even hide rewards inside.

The Jingle Ball Foot Toy makes loads of noise as your bird moves it around.

The Jumbo Nuts & Bolts is made from a large plastic nut and bolt for your Cockatoo to enjoy unfastening.

Bells and Musical Toys

Great fun and designed to withstand what your Cockatoo can throw at them or throw them into!

The Stainless Steel Bell has a strong tubular design and a clapper which your Cockatoo can’t remove.

The Double Ringer Bell allows for many happy hours of playtime too.

Coconut and Cactus Toys

Packed full of fibres for your Cockatoo to pick at and preen.

Bird Kabobs are made from cactus wood which Cockatoos can’t resist stripping down and shredding.

The Coconut Treasure Chest has masses of natural coconut fibres, plus loads of colourful crinkle paper.

Acrylic and Metal Toys

Have tough pieces on them which your Parrot needs to work at removing.

The Baffle Cage is strong enough to withstand anything your Cockatoo throws at it. Fill it with materials or food, you can even use the metal skewer to make it even more challenging.

The Nuts, Bolts and Binkies has lots of moveable and removeable parts to keep your ‘Too’s mind engaged.

Wood and Rope Toys

Chewing on the wood helps to keep your Cockatoo’s beak trim, and preening on rope helps them maintain a healthy plumage by discouraging unwanted feather destructive behaviours.

The Rainbow Tower is packed full of chewable and preenable materials for your Cockatoo to explore.

The Preening Paradise Rope Toy has loads of plaited and knotted ropes for your Cockatoo to get their beak into.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

The Birdie Bangles range, are made from tightly rolled cardboard for your Cockatoo to peel apart, unravel and shred.

The Shred It! Toy comes prefilled with a long roll of paper to unravel, great if they’ve mastered other shredding toys.

Activity and Trick Toys

Spend valuable time bonding with your Cockatoo whilst keeping their clever mind active and engaged. Teach them to identify colours and numbers with the Teacher Toy or to ride a Skateboard. Remember to use positive reinforcement training methods to get the best results.

Toy Packs

Offer many different toys bundled together, at a great low value price – up to 50% off single RRP’s. Perfect for giving lots of different toys a try without breaking the piggy bank. Take a look here.

Please Note

You’ll know your Parrot best, please choose toys that you feel are suitable for your Cockatoo’s level of destruction. As with anything new it can take some time for your Cockatoo to accept a new toy. Introduce new toys slowly. Place it some distance away from your Parrot at first, then bring it closer to them as they become more confident.

Always supervise your Cockatoo during playtime. Regularly maintain toys, especially ropes or fibres. Remove if you feel it poses a hazard to your bird.

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