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Adopt A Rescue Bird Month

Adopt A Rescue Bird Month

Posted by adopt a Parrot, rescue bird month, rescue a Parrot, rescue a bird, adopt a rescue bird month on 9/1/2024

Did you know that January is adopt a rescue bird month?

It’s a month designed to raise awareness of Parrots in captivity. Birds can end up in a shelter through no fault of their own.

Across the UK there are hundreds, if not thousands, of pet birds looking for new homes. Here’s a link to some of the charities we work with who could have the feathered friend you’ve been looking for. Do your research too, some Parrots can live over for over 50 years!

Of course, before adopting a bird the charity will undergo checks to make sure you and the Parrot are the right match.

Birdline Parrot Rescue
Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue
All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming
The Haven Parrot Rescue
Safehaven Parrot Rescue
Problem Parrots
Parrots In Need

Is your Parrot a rescue bird? Let us know in the comments.