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All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming

We are proud to support many charities that rehome Parrots, and one such charity is All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming.

All Star Parrots is run by five directors who are all Parrot owners themselves. Then then have a network of home-based volunteers.

Telephone Number: 0845 388 0584

All Star Parrots logo


Registered Charity Number: 1176640

Rehoming Policy

All Star Parrots are non-judgemental and will do all they can to help.

Before giving your bird up for adoption at All Star Parrots, you will first need to provide information on your Parrot’s behaviour, health, and more.

Your bird will be collected from your home or you can take them to one of All Star’s approved safe houses. You will need to bring with you any paperwork you have.

No bird will be rehomed to anyone under the age of 18, nor will they let a bird be adopted into a home that promotes the breeding and selling of Parrots.

They have a stringent rehoming policy to ensure that all birds go to the best home possible.

And their rehoming policy means they have had lots of success stories.

Success Stories

Sam the African Grey was spotted by his owner on the All Star Parrot’s page.

It was a few weeks before they could bring him home, but his safe house mum sent regular updates, photos and videos of him.

On the day of the adoption they were so excited. They exchanged information with his safe house mummy, about his past, routine, behaviours; basically everything they needed to know.

Although Sam had no experience of children, he was great with his new owner’s sons, who are 10 and 3 and plays happily with the eldest (always supervised of course.)

Another success story

Joe’s previous owner was very ill and very sadly passed away on the sofa next to him. Poor Joe watched the person he loved pass away and was taken away from him, never to be seen again.

Because of this Joe suffers from stress. He started feather plucking and is very nervous but has now been successfully rehomed. He is on a healthy diet and has some stimulating toys to give him lots of enrichment.

Available for rehoming


Charlie is a 3 year old Quaker.

He loves to come out of his cage but he won’t step up as yet (but we’re sure he will in the future.) Charlie loves food, particularly dry mix, and also veggies.

He likes to play with his toys and looking outside, watching the world go by.

Charlie has his own toys and cage to play with.


Kilo is an Alexandrine Parrot and is still getting used to people but will step up on her own terms. He likes to be out of the cage, flying around, before sitting and watching the world go by from a window.

Kilo at All Star Parrots

Kilo’s favourite place to sit is on the television. He is currently trying lots of fruits and vegetables.

Kilo would need a patient home where she could move at her own pace. He is happy to be in a home with other birds but would need a new cage.


Parry was found flying free, so was initially very nervous, but he has now bonded well in his safe house. He is quiet, but says hello in his own special way. He loves food, fruits and vegetables.

Parry at All Star Parrots

Parry currently lives with other birds, although he keeps himself to himself. He likes to step up and enjoys cuddles with his male safe house friend.

Parry would therefore need a quiet home, preferably one with no other birds. He would make a lovely bird for that special someone.

Contact All Star Parrots if you are interested in rehoming any of these birds.

For more information about All Star Parrots, including how you can get involved or see the birds that are available for rehoming, visit their website here.

For details of other charities and rescues please click here.

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