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About Parrots In Need

About Parrots In Need

Posted by Parrots in Need, Parrot Charities, Parrot Rescues, Parrot Rehoming on 9/1/2024

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Registered Charity Number: 1159684


Date Established: November 2014
Contact Telephone Number: 07814 239366

Contact Email:

Address: 140 Reginald Road South, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6NH

How and why did you get started?

Parrots In Need was founded by myself and other experienced Parrot lovers, many of whom have been associated with other organisations in the past but found the funds being spent incorrectly and not being true registered charities. We wanted to be totally legal and use all donations to the Parrots in our care

Parrots In Need’s mission is to rescue neglected, ill treated or unwanted Parrots and provide them with a forever loving home. We want to help and preserve Parrot species.

None of our birds will ever be sold or used for breeding. Instead they will remain the sole property of Parrots In Need for the rest of their life, in a safe loving environment.

Parrots In Need visit shows around the Midlands so members of the public can meet the birds.

Which Parrots do you rescue/rehome?

Any of the Parrot species

How many staff / volunteers are involved?


Can you give an example of a success story?

Lulu, a Blue and Gold Macaw, came to us back in April 2014, via a rescue organisation we were members of at that time. She was in a very poor state of health and badly plucked.

On taking her to our vet we were presented with an estimate to carry out just tests alone of between £400 to £800 pounds.

Because she was in the process of laying eggs at that time we had just specific tests carried out, although the rescue had stated that if the costs were to be of that nature then the bird would have to be put down.

My partner and myself refused to even discuss that and through other members efforts the rescue paid £141.00 which covered the majority of the first bill. We then paid for the antibiotics and other bits required.


The results were found to be borderline psittacosis which is a common and potentially serious disease affecting the bird and also my partner looking after the bird, became ill herself and was also treated with antibiotics. A human can tell you they don’t feel well but a bird cannot.

We then had to work on the psychological problems Lulu had from losing her mate because of a family breaking up.

Lulu was continually laying eggs; 11 eggs in a three month period and it was taking it out of her.

We again went to the vet and had a devise inserted to stop her continually laying eggs and on the whole it has worked.

The feathers so far have grown back in certain areas but others she plucks them still which will be very hard to stop, but we are trying various procedures and still have hope that we can get Lulu to look as she should.

However Lulu pulled through her ordeal and with proper diet and good housing and is now completely clear and has improved beyond all expectations.

She is now handled by my myself and partner and has even stepped up for another member this year at the shows and even waves to everyone she meets.

What is your re-homing policy?

We quarantine all new birds in and asses their needs and character if they are suitable for re-homing

We look for long term fosterers through our facebook page called The Parrot in Need group where members can see the birds that are ready for their forever homes. A membership fee applies.

Initially people would require a home check completed as well as a questionnaire to find out experience and so on and then we would decide on a suitable bird for that circumstance and ideally we let the bird pick the person

How can people help/get involved?

Either through donations to help us take care of the Parrots in our care and for those coming in, we are also looking for safe houses nationwide and people that would like to foster these wonderful creatures.

To learn more about Parrots In Need, visit their website here.