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About Problem Parrots

About Problem Parrots

Posted by problem Parrots, problem Parrots charity, bird charities on 9/1/2024

Problem Parrots are one of the UK’s biggest bird charities.

Many of the staff has previously worked with other bird organisations and also have many years’ experience dealing with issues pet Parrots encounter, like feather plucking, biting and screaming.

The directors at the company realised many owners needed help with their birds at home. Therefore they set up a support group where they could ask and receive answers to questions online, over the phone or at home.

Although Problem Parrots can’t help with medical conditions, they can advise you on solving negative behaviours your Parrot has, like self-mutilation and feather picking.

In 2013 they also began taking in birds who needed rehoming. You can see the latest birds looking for their forever homes here.

As a registered charity Problem Parrots rely on donations to keep the charity going. You can donate here. They also need people to take in Parrots as safe houses, organise fundraising events and look after the welfare volunteers.

Registered Charity Number: 1153724
Contact Details: 0845 838 0874

For more information visit their website here.