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Parrot Photoshoot 2016: Thank You To The Haven Parrot Rescue

Parrot Photoshoot 2016: Thank You To The Haven Parrot Rescue

Posted by Parrot photoshoot, The Haven Parrot Rescue, photos of Parrots, Parrot rescue photoshoot on 9/1/2024

Read about the Parrot photoshoot we had.

We had some very special visitors to our offices earlier this month, The Haven Parrot Rescue.

We had asked the charity to come along to our offices to play with a selection of our toys, food and accessories whilst we took photographs for our website and catalogue.


It’s been a while since our last photoshoot, and we know it really helps you work out if a product is right for your bird before you buy.

Alison and Sarah from The Haven came up from Tamworth with eight of their birds.

There was…

Jimbo , a Mealy Amazon who left his previous home due to being so loud! He was also previously a cruelty case.

Ozzy, a Scarlet Fronted Conure, who left his home as he kept flying at and attacking his owner.

Luna, a Ducorps Cockatoo, who came into the rescue after her previous owners change of circumstances.

Cracker, a Citron Crested Cockatoo who came into the rescue due to a change in circumstances.

Sinbad the Senegal, who joined the flock of The Haven due to his old owners mental health issues.

Lizzy and Opal the Quakers. Kizzy was an unclaimed lost bird and Opal was no longer wanted.

And finally Bailey the African Grey, who was living in a spare room before coming to The Haven.

We’ve posted some of the beautiful photographs we took of the Parrots posing and showing off in front of the camera. Look out for more of the photographs on our website and in a future catalogue very soon.


Thank you so much to The Haven for being the models for the photoshoot, we really enjoyed it.

Alison started The Haven in spring 2012 after being given various Parrots that were unwanted in the previous year and couldn’t keep them.

The Haven takes in all Parrots that are in need of help for whatever reason. They never turn a bird away. Where possible, they try and rehabilitate and rehome the birds, but if not, they stay as forever fosters either at The Haven or with one of their volunteers.

They have a great team of fosterers in Tamworth and the surrounding area. Sarah Hilly works closely with Alison on a day to day basis, accepting Parrots, fundraising and transport.

The Haven also take in stray Parrots and work to find their owners to retrieve them. Visit their website here for more information on the work they do.

Read about other charities and rescues here.

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