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About Lafeber

Find out more about Lafeber. 

Lafeber’s NutriBerries are a unique and complete food for Parrots, containing only nutritious, natural ingredients.

Rolled into berry shaped pieces perfect for your Parrot to hold and enjoy!

Lafeber Company

Each berry contains the 40 essential nutrients recommended by Dr. T.J. Lafeber, top avian veterinarians, nutritionists and behaviourist. They believe that nutrition should be exciting and taste great while strongly supporting your bird’s health. Lafeber NutriBerries with Omega 3 & 6 provide exactly that.

Lafeber NutriBerries are available in five highly enjoyable flavours, each recipe being specifically designed.  Each NutriBerry recipe combines fresh ingredients, hulled seeds and essential vitamins and minerals, all of which are rolled together into a berry shape your bird will love.
Choose from…


made with savoury peanuts, hulled canary seed, cracked corn and many other ingredients. 

These are available in either a 284g,1.47kg tub or 9.07kg box.

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Original - In Pack

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Original - Out Of Pack

There are also Original NutriBerries for Cockatiels, available in a 284g or 1.8kg container. They’re perfect for small birds to hold and eat. 

Sunny Orchard:

 loaded with sweet sumptuous flavour, jam-packed with apricots, raisins and cranberries. 

NutriBerries Sunny Orchard for Parrots are available in either 284g packet or 1.36kg bag.

The Sunny Orchard for Small Parrots is a 284g bag

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Sunny Orchard - In Pack 
Lafeber Nutri-Berries Sunny Orchard - Out Of Pack 

El Paso:

 wild flavours for an untamed taste.

Red, green and chilli peppers combined with cumin, oregano, garlic and other exotic spices.

They all come together to create a taste that’s zesty, zingy, spicy and savoury. 

NutriBerries El Paso for Parrots is available in a 284g or 1.36kg packet
Lafeber Nutri-Berries El Paso - In Pack

Lafeber Nutri-Berries El Paso - Out Of Pack

Tropical Fruit:

made using the very foods birds in the wild intuitively craves and seeks out.

Foods like pineapple, papaya and mango. Together with wholesome ingredients such as cracked corn, millet, peanuts and safflower. 
NutriBerries Tropical for Parrots are available in a 284g or 1.36kg packet
  Lafeber Nutri-Berries Tropical - Out Of Pack

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Tropical - In Pack 

Smaller birds can enjoy 284g Tropical NutriBerries too.  They’re easy to hide and hold. 

Garden Veggie:

 chock full of good things for your bird!

Wholesome inviting vegetables like carrots, green peas, broccoli and corn.
Lafeber Garden Veggie for Parrots is available in a 284g or 1.36kg packet
Lafeber Nutri-Berries Garden Veggie - Out Of Pack

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Garden Veggie - In Pack

Get all four of these delicious flavours all together too. 

There are three of the flavours for small birds too. 



Balancing the omega fatty acids helps increase immune function. Generally, increased immune function helps the body’s ability to fight disease. Omega 3 & 6 also helps improve the quality of the skin.

Veterinarians and nutritionist have determined the best combination of natural preservatives, to protect the nutrients of Lafeber NutriBerries, guaranteeing the nutritional quality you and your bird have come to expect. Lafeber NutriBerries are ideal as a complete meal or as a special treat. Most of all, your feathered friend will know it’s special when you serve Lafeber NutriBerries.

If this range isn’t enough of a treat for your Parrot already, why not pull out all the stops?! Offer your companion one of these three delicious treats all created with the same level of care as NutriBerries.


AviCakes are great as a meal or treat, particularly when used as a foraging food. Your feathered friend will love holding, pulling and tearing at each square.

Lafeber Avi-Cakes - In Pack
Lafeber Avi Cakes - Out Of Pack

AviCakes are available in a 227g Fruit Delight and 230g Original flavour for Parrots and 230g Original flavour and 227g Fruit Delight for Cockatiels

The Lafeber Gourmet Food, made for 6 different bird sizes, is only made with real fruits.

Lafeber NutriBerries: Caring and working for the health of birds

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