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About Johnston and Jeff

About Johnston and Jeff

Posted by Johnston and Jeff Species Specific, Parrot Seed, Parrot Food, Number 1 Parrot Seed, Low Sunflower Seed Mix on 22/1/2024

Johnston and Jeff was founded by George Gilchrist Johnston and Richard Hunter Jeff in 1880.

Quality control was a key principle of the business in its early days and this ethos still remains today. Even with modern technologies Johnston and Jeff still expect high standards at all areas of the business, from obtaining the ingredients to finding the perfect formula of food.

They clean every seed and nut until it reaches a purity level of 99.9%, making it human grade quality the majority of the time. This means birds stay healthy, fit and strong.

Johnston and Jeff is still a family run business. The current managing director, Richard Johnston, is the great-grandson of the original owner George Johnston. Richard personally sources and buys all the seed, grain, nuts and fruit that go into the products.

Johnston and Jeff work with specialist avian societies and bird organisations because they care deeply about the conservation and welfare of all birds.

Johnston and Jeff Pet Parrot Seed

There are lots of varieties of seed mixes, some designed for specific species of Parrot and wild bird whilst others are more general. Seeds are small enough for you to place them in foraging toys for your Parrot to locate.

The Number 1 Parrot Seed is a traditional mix packed with seeds, nuts and pods Parrots can get hours of mental stimulation from, as they use their clever brain to open and retrieve their reward from inside it.

There is a Traditional mix too.

Johnston and Jeff Species Specific Seed

The Cockatiel and Big Parakeet Seed is perfect for the smaller members of the Parrot family. Ringneck Parakeets appreciate the clean mixture paddy rice, canary seed, red and white millet and lots more scrumptious seeds.

For added variety your Parakeet can tuck into the Premium Mixture. It has the same tasty seeds and grains plus added fruit content that gives your bird more important vitamins and minerals and ensures they stay in fine health.

There is a Low Sunflower Mix designed specifically for African Greys too. The mix reduce your Parrot’s daily fat intake but doesn’t compromise on flavours since it has such a large mix of ingredients, tastes and textures that liven up your bird’s mealtimes.

For other large Parrots, such as Macaws and Cockatoos, try the Low Sunflower Mix for Large Parrots. This has 25 ingredients and 75% fruit and nut content.

The Expert Budgie Seed is a lighter feed for the smaller bird. It’s particularly popular with breeders.

The Cockatoo Mixture has been formulated specifically for Galahs. It meets all their nutritional needs and only has a small amount of sunflower. Instead it contains small seeds like buckwheat and millet.

The Conure Mixture has ben developed specially for Conures and has a 99.9% purity level.

Wild Bird Seed

Johnston and Jeff Sunflower Hearts have had their husks removed to reduce mess. Plus, they are rich in energy.

Johnston and Jeff Monkey Nuts are a high energy food that is aflatoxin tested so you know it’s of the highest quality.

The Small Dark Striped Sunflower has a softer shell than other sunflowers and Medium Striped Sunflower Seed.

Other Johnston and Jeff Seed Mixtures

If you are keeping lots of Parrots together in an enclosure, the Aviary Mix is ideal. It’s suitable for mixed species like Budgies, Canaries and Quakers. The all-round seed boasts Canary seed, linseed and more.

There is Seed designed specifically for Canaries.

ABZ Finch Seed is good for these smaller birds.

Safflower Seeds are readily accepted by most wild and pet birds and contain many vital nutrients that your bird needs in their daily diet. The high oil seed is an alternative to sunflower, plus squirrels dislike the taste of it, so there’s less chance of them stealing it from a feeder.

Soaking Seed takes some time to prepare. That’s because you’ll have to soak and sprout it before it can be served up to your Parrot. Once your bird does start tucking into it though, they receive lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

The Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Mix has three of your bird’s favourite things, oil rich nuts, dried vegetables and fruit, which have the added benefit of featuring lots of B vitamins.

The Parrot Fruit Mixture has a good combination of fruits and nuts too.

The Lean and Fit No Sunflower and No Nut Parrot Food, in a 2kg or 12.75kg bag, helps keep your Parrot fit and healthy.

The Mixed Pulses lets birds enjoy a tasty meal.

The Fiory mixes are a delicious maintenance diet for most species.

Johnston and Jeff: Natural seed diets for wild and companion Parrots and birds.