African Grey Seed | Tasty And Healthy Seed Mixes
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African Grey Seed

Find the perfect seed mix for your African Grey, made with high quality and nutritious ingredients

There are seed mixes from all the major brands and manufacturers so you’ll find the perfect mix for your African Grey Parrot right here.

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A good quality seed mix is an important part of your African Grey’s diet and there are plenty of mixes to pick from. Many mixes use human grade quality ingredients, which means they are of superior quality. Others are made with seed that have had their husks and shells removed, therefore feeding costs are lower.

A selection of the African Grey Seed come with added fruits, vegetables and nuts, like bananas, apples and pineapple to give it added flavour, higher nutrition and a bigger choice of textures. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which boosts your Grey’s immune system, as well as helping to maintain overall good wellbeing and are easier for your African Grey to digest. Nuts are high in protein and a good source of energy.

There are African Grey Seed Mixes with low sunflower content too, letting you choose the one that suits your Grey’s palette the best.

Soaking seeds take a little time to prepare, but that all adds to your African Grey’s excitement before eating their meal. Simply soak them in water until the shoots sprout out, and then offer it up to your Grey so they can experience the yummy ingredients and essential nutrients.

As seeds are relatively small, why not hide them in a foraging toy for your African Grey to find? Foraging helps keep their mind stimulated and replicates their natural behaviour in the wild.

Find the right seed mix for your African Grey right here.

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