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Who is Joining Us For Meyers and Senegal Day

Who is Joining Us For Meyers and Senegal Day

Posted by Meyers and Senegals Day, Meyers Parrot, Senegal Parrots on 9/1/2024

Find out more about Meyers and Senegals Day.

We’ve been celebrating many of our popular Parrot species over the past few months, and this September it’s two birds in one, when we celebrate Meyers and Senegals, both members of the Poicephalus family.

We’ll be celebrating these lovely Parrots on September 21st.

Learn more about Meyers and Senegals

Whether you’re a Meyer and Senegal owner or not, we’re sure you’ll be interested in learning more about these wonderful Parrots.

Senegals may have high, piercing voices, but make excellent companions, once you’ve got through their difficult adolescent stage.

Products for Meyers and Senegals

Meyer Parrots make affectionate companions and are fairly readily available. They have a healthy appetite for most foods too, which is fantastic news as we have lots of scrumptious food for Meyers and Senegals, like healthy complete food, tasty treats, vital breeding and handfeeding food and wholesome seed.

But that’s not the only amazing variety of Meyer and Senegal items we have available.

There are toys to enrich your Meyer and Senegal’s life with, including foot toys and chews that give your Meyer or Senegal exercise as they play, coconut and cactus toys that are a fun texture for your Parrot to explore and the vital foraging toys, that help replicate your Meyer and Senegal’s natural foraging behaviour.

There are play top, open top and solid top cages for your Meyer or Senegal Parrot to allow them to have plenty of space to eat, play and sleep.

There are numerous Meyer and Senegal accessories, like stands, lights and cleaning products to make their life even more fulfilled.

Finally there are useful supplements like illness and emergency products that you need in your birdie first aid box and breeder products that are essential for breeding Parrot parents.

Offers on Your Meyer and Senegal Products

On Meyer and Senegal Day on September 21st, we’ll be having some brilliant offers on a small selection of Meyer and Senegal products, so make sure you’re following our social media pages for details on them all.

A very happy Meyer and Senegal Day to you all!