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Top Tips On Keeping Your Parrot Active

It’s the perfect time to get out and about with your Parrot. We’ve contacted some of our favourite social media stars for their advice and tips on helping your Parrot keep active. Here they are…

Keeping your Parrot active
  • Using target training to teach your bird flighted recall – any opportunity for them to fly really offers the best overall exercise.
  • Create a fun obstacle course for your bird to do – reward them with favourite foods.
  • Place your Parrot’s toys so they can’t sit on a perch and reach them – encourage them to climb and move.
  • Use foraging toys to provide a mental and physical workout.
  • Provide swings – the momentum from the swing will strengthen leg, wing and chest muscles.
  • Offer toys that are larger than your bird so they have to climb on and over them to interact and play.
  • Let your Parrot chase various objects such as balls, wooden spools, or plastic caps.
  • Playing with toys/safe household objects or owners inside or outside cages keeps bodies and brain fit.
Keeping your Parrot active

Sophie, who can be found on YouTube at

Nimal, who can be found on YouTube at

Sara, who can be found on Instagram at 

Monika, who can be found on Instagram at

Do you have any advice on keeping your Parrot active?

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