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Show Your Parrot How Much You Love Them on Love Your Pet Day

Show Your Parrot How Much You Love Them on Love Your Pet Day

Posted by Love Your Pet Day, Parrot Treats, Parrot Perch, Love Your Parrot on 25/1/2024

How much do you love your Parrot? A lot we’d imagine and now’s the time to show it, as it’ll soon be Love Your Pet Day on February 20th.

The exact origins of the day are unknown, but our guess is it was started because of Valentine’s Day happening six days earlier, and people wanted to show their animals some love as well as their human companion.


Think about how much pleasure your Parrot gives you every day, making you laugh, making you smile and always being happy to see you and then see how you can reward them.

Why not give your feathered friend a delicious Parrot treat? We have lots of scrumptious treats from all the major brands and for every size of Parrot, which could be perfect as a tasty snack for your bird between meals. Treats come in lots of different flavours in fun to eat shapes.

Or you could place the treats in a foraging toy to give your Parrot even more enrichment. Parrots naturally enjoy foraging for their food and treats, this source of mental stimulation is very important to them. If they don’t have activities such as foraging to occupy their time, they could start showing signs of unwanted and destructive behaviours.

Giving your Parrot any new toy, not just a foraging toy, is sure to make your bird happy and keep them entertained for a long time. There are so many different kinds of fun and safe toys available, including chewable toys to keep your bird’s beak healthy and trim, foot toys so your Parrot can exercise, cardboard and paper toys which are perfect for shredding, musical toys as Parrots love making lots of noise and swings and activity toys so your Parrot can learn a new skill as they play.

You could pamper your Parrot on Love Your Pet Day with a bird bath. Parrots need to bathe as much as possible, ideally once a day, so buy them this bath so your bird can keep lovely and clean.


Like humans, Parrots love a pedicure. Let your Parrot play on one of our pedicure ladders or relax on a Sanded Perch, the rough texture helps to trim their nails to a shorter, healthier length.

Brighten up your Parrot’s day and make sure they’re centre of attention when you both celebrate this special day. Of course you should show your bird how much you care for them every day, but on Friday February 20th share your love for your feathered friend even more.

Let us know in the comments how you’re treating your Parrot on Love Your Pet Day!