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Meet Chili the Green-cheeked Conure

Meet Chili the Green-cheeked Conure

Posted by Chili the Green-cheeked Conure, Conures, Conure, Green-cheeked Conure on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Chili the Green-cheeked Conure

Here is the latest in our Meet My Parrot series. This time we are meeting Chili the Green-cheeked Conure and his owner Ross Howe.

Why did you choose a Green-cheeked Conure?

I chose a Green-cheeked Conure as they have a very sweet disposition and enjoy playing all day long. My Conure loves to push himself under my hands to nap. He constantly hangs upside down from various objects (including myself). I love this species of Parrot as they have a huge personality in a tiny package and they are a brilliant bird for beginners such as myself.

What is his favourite food?

Chili certainly lives up to his name as he relishes ripping open dried chillies and foraging for the seeds inside. Chili loves to hang upside down from his cage top and chew any food on is skewer. He especially enjoys making a huge mess to show his appreciation.

What are his favourite toys?

Chili's favourite toy is a mini sneaker foot toy. He will often flop upside down with the toy in his feet and vigorously chew the shoe laces.

What are his favourite games?

Chili's favourite game is fetch. Chill will carry a toy over to the floor and drop it. Then he will wait until a helpful human picks it up again before repeating this process.

Does Chili speak?

Chill is desperate to be a mimicking bird as he will sit for minutes at a time mumbling indecipherably to himself creating must amusement. He is almost able to say "Pretty Boy" and absolutely loves any chance to practise this phrase.

Do you have any advice for new Parrot owners?

Always have an interesting toy on hand, especially if you have a Conure, as Parrots are extremely playful and need endless amusement.

                                                                                                                                                                                          If you’d like to be part of our Meet My Parrot series, please email your answers to these questions to Don’t forget to include some photographs too!

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