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Lovebird Toy Guide

Lovebird Toy Guide

Posted by Toy Guide, Parrot Toys, Types of Parrot Toys, Best Parrot Toys, Lovebird Toys on 10/6/2019

Find out more about Lovebird toys.

We’re here to help you find the right toy for your Lovebird with this handy guide. You quickly learn about the different toy types, and we’ve highlighted some the tried, tested and most popular ones.

Foraging Toys

Like all birds, Lovebirds enjoy spending their time foraging for their food. This natural behaviour can easily be provided for.

With reusable foraging toys, like the Nutcase and Hol-ee-Roller, they must get the treats through the holes.

With chewable foraging toys like the Beaker Sneaker and Shred & Spin Box, they have to chew and shred their way through the textures.

Wood and Rope Toys

These toys provide for your Lovebird’s natural urges to chew and preen, helping to keep their beak and feathers looking great (helps prevent over preening) and brains busy.

The Beaded Triangle has lots of soft cotton rope for preening and wood for chewing on.

The Cotton Rope Preening Toy has many exposed fibres for preening on.

Willow and Palm Toys

Perfect for your Lovebird to pick at, pull at and unravel before chewing to pieces – great fun!

The Willow Wizard provides lots of munch balls to unravel and forage in.

Coconut and Cactus Toys

Made from agave or cactus wood, the smaller options from the Bird Kabobs range boast lots of fibres to pick at and shred.

Acrylic and Metal Toys

Designed to be more durable, with materials that take a little longer to destroy.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

These are made for your Lovebird to shred, rip and tear apart.

The pipes and rings that make up the Birdie Bangles range are made from soft cardboard which your Lovebird can shred into smaller chunks.

Birdie Bangles

Swings and Climbing Toys

Give your Lovebird the exercise they need through the fun of exploring and playing.

The Coloured Bendy Ladder can be turned into lots of different shapes for your Lovebird to walk across.

The Parrot Orbit is made up of cotton rope, that’s gentle on feet and fun to preen with.

Bells and Musical Toys

For those playtimes that just need to be noisy! With parts that move, jangle, chime and shine. Popular options include…
JW Tumble Bell

JW Tumble Bell Toy

Activity and Trick Toys

Stimulate your Lovebird, physically and mentally, whilst spending quality time together.

Shoot hoops with the JW Birdie Basket Ball Toy.

Do a bit of retail therapy with a Shopping Basket.

Toy Packs

When you’re not sure where to start, Toy Packs can be a great option. You get a variety of toys bundled together with a big saving against single RRP’s. Meaning you can trial different kinds of toys for less.

Please Note
You’ll know your Parrot best, please choose toys that you feel are suitable for your Lovebird’s level of destruction. As with anything new it can take some time for your Lovebird to accept a new toy. Introduce new toys slowly. Place it some distance away from your Parrot at first, then bring it closer to them as they become more confident.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your Lovebird, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee – click here for details

Always supervise your Lovebird during playtime. Regularly maintain toys, especially ropes or fibres. Remove if you feel it poses a hazard to your bird.

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