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African Grey Parrot Toy Guide

African Grey Parrot Toy Guide

Posted by African Grey Toys, African Grey Safe Toys, African Grey Foraging Toys, Wood and rope Toy for African Grey Parrot on 18/1/2024

Your African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent of the Parrot species kept as pets and need lots of fun toys to provide lots of mental stimulation and prevent birdie boredom.

Many African Grey owners build up a toy box, enabling them to rotate different toys on a regular basis.

There are lots of different toy types, made from various materials. In time you’ll establish the types, sizes and materials that are best suited to your Grey. Everyone is different!

Foraging Toys

The most popular, chewable foraging toys and reusable foraging toys, encourage your African Grey or Timneh Grey Parrot to work for their food, just as they would in the wild.

The Buffet Ball is perhaps the ultimate enriching reusable foraging toy. Fill it with treats to make a Parrot work for their food, fill it with bells to create a musical toy or fill it with other goodies to turn it into a foot toy. The opportunities are endless.

fet Ball

Chewable foraging toys, such as the Crinkle and Crunch, means a Parrot has to shred or chew their way through to get to the goodies inside.

Wood and Rope Toys

offer textures for chewing and rope for preening on.

One of the most popular wood and rope toys is the Jumble Stacks; made up of different coloured wood shapes and soft knotted cotton rope. Parrots love to chew on it for a healthy and trim beak.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

Are great for shredding. The highly rated Stacks of Shredding and Shredding Tower have many layers for your bird to tear through.

Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes are made from cardboard. These exciting foot toys are easy for your Grey to throw and carry around in their feet or beak. It provides them with lots of exercise through play. Other foot toys work exactly the same way.

Birdie Bangles

Coconut and Cactus Toys

Bird Kabobs, made from chewable agave or cactus wood are great for picking at.

The Coconut Treasure Chest is an irresistible coconut filled with crinkle paper. You can hide treats in this.

Acrylic and Metal Toys

Offer your bird something different. Many of these toys are designed to withstand a more destructive playtime. The Super Star Toy is a good example, the clear design allows your bird to see the rewards inside, now they need to work out how to get them out again. This is perfect for birds just getting used to foraging.

Super Star Toy

Other toys have durable parts that can be moved about or removed. The Super Binkies Hanging Wiffle Ball has lots of dummies your bird can enjoy removing. Hang it from your Grey’s cage so they can start their fun.

Foot Toys

Lightweight foot toys are easy for your bird to hold in their feet or beak. They can pick them up and throw them around. Examples of these include the Sneaker, Flip Flops, UFO Foot Toy, Jingle Ball and the Parrot Pencils.

Swings and Climbing Toys

Boings, have long lengths of material that your Parrot can perch on and climb on. There is also the Activity Wall for Parrots, fun to climb and swing on as well.

The Activity Swing is two wooden perches with lots of coloured wood pieces in between, perfect for chewing and climbing on.

Bells and Musical Toys

The Birdy Babble Ball teaches your African Grey simple words and phrases such as meow and squeak.

Stainless Steel Bells comes in three different sizes. Noise-loving Parrots adore them. Plus, they have a clapper that can’t be removed.

Or teach your bird to talk yourself with the Mimic Me. Record whatever you’d like your bird to hear, then you can play it back to them.

Activity and Trick

Spend time bonding with your Parrot whilst keeping them active and stimulated. Teach them to identify colours, shapes and numbers with the highly popular Teacher Toy.

Toy Packs

A great place to start is with a toy pack. These great value packs can work out at better than half price compared to ordering each toy separately, and usually offer a variety of toy types for you to try your Grey with.

Please Note
You’ll know your Parrot best, please choose toys that you feel are suitable for your Grey’s level of destruction. As with anything new it can take some time for your Grey to accept a new toy. Introduce new toys slowly. Place it some distance away from your Parrot at first, then bring it closer to them as they become more confident.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your African Grey we offer a 90-day money back guarantee – click here for details.

Always supervise your Grey during playtime. Regularly maintain toys, especially ropes or fibres. Remove if you feel it poses a hazard to your bird.

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