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About Vitapol

About Vitapol

Posted by Vitapol Parrot Treats, Parrot Treat Sticks, Budgie Treats, Cockatiel Treat, Lovebird Treats on 23/1/2024

Vitapol have been producing high quality treats since 1992 and have an extensive catalogue.

We import a core range of favourite flavours as well as regular new recipes that are sure to go down a treat!


Vitapol treat sticks for birds and Parrots are a naturally healthy way for you to treat your pets. They are enriched with natural vitamins especially for birds, ensuring they stay fit and healthy. Made using premium ingredients for a superior fresh taste your bird will love!

For Budgies and similar sized birds there are six different flavours all twin packs, meaning twice the fun!

Baked to make them crumble free ensuring minimum waste, choose from Kiwi, Fruit, Orange and Strawberry.


For Lovebirds and similar sized birds there is Fruit.

Hang these sticks in your bird’s cage and watch and enjoy the excitement as they manipulate the stick to dislodge the food. Each box contains two sticks.


For Cockatiels and similar sized birds there are five nutritious flavours to choose from; Fruit, Nut, Orange, Premium and Kiwi.

They come with a convenient hanger to attach them to the cage, providing fun for the bird by keeping their beak and mind active. Each box contains two sticks.


For Parrots such as African Greys and Amazons the favourite by far is this Fruit and Nut baked stick with real chunks of fruits and nuts.

Attached to a natural wooden stick this treat offers even more fun once the treat is gone.

The Vitapol treat range for Parrots means you can now choose a host of new flavours along with many favourites, but this next treat stick has been especially designed to suit even the largest of your feathered friends!

Vitapol Maxi Parrot sticks are around twice the size of your average treat stick and twice the fun!

There are fun flavours to try; Nut & Coconut, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Kiwi and Pistachio.

Each stick offers a great opportunity to offer plenty of mental and physical stimulation, essential for a happy and healthy Parrot. What’s even better is there are two giant sticks per pack!

Other treats

The Instant Pasta Treat for pet birds and Parrots is easy to prepare. All you need to do is add it to boiling water and allow to cool.

The Instant Rice and Fruit works the same way.

The Mineral Block with Nigella Sativa gives your bird lots of essential minerals that help your Parrot's digestive system and more.

The Vitapol Sand with keeps cages clean.

The Budgie Moulting Stick helps during these difficult times.

Let your Parrot enjoy a range of flavours with the Pumpkin Seed, Nut Mix, Chilli Pepper, Banana Chips, Flower Snack, Apple, Orchard and Forest Fruits, Vegetable Mix, Tropical, Berry Mix, Fruit and Nut, Papaya and Pineapple.

Vitapol: Nutritious, natural and healthy!