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About Vetark Peter Scott FRCVS

About Vetark Peter Scott FRCVS

Posted by Vetark Parrot Suppliments, Zocal-F, Nutrobal, Exotic Vet on 23/1/2024

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One of the UK’s specialists in exotic pet nutrition, Peter Scott and his team have been leading the way for over 20 years with their range of vitamin and mineral supplements, available for all kinds of animals including Parrots and pet birds.

Vetark Professional was formed in 1988 by specialist exotics vet Peter Scott FRCVS and his wife Zena. They worked alongside other avian vets who shared Peter’s frustrations with the lack of available products to assist in improving the diet and health of exotics animals in captivity. The result was the birth of Vetark.

All products including AviMix, Nutrobal and Ace-High are scientifically based and have been developed by Peter Scott FRCVS. Over the years many thousands of Parrot owners have relied on Vetark products to help provide a balanced diet which has contributed to the successful breeding of many species in captivity for the first time.

Vets, Universities, Scientists, Zoos and pet keepers worldwide have come to rely on and trust products such as BSP drops and Zolcal-F to keep their beloved feathered friends healthy. Perhaps it is time you did too?

Illness and Emergency Products

The Emergency Nutrition supplement should be used if your Parrot isn’t eating or have a decreased appetite. The formula contains a protein supplement and maltodextrins that have been derived from corn starch and these support your bird when they are undergoing treatment for an illness or until they feel like eating again.

Nutrobal Powdered Calcium helps keeps Parrots healthy.

Vetark’s Prebiotics and Probiotics have been enriched with Vitamins A, C and E to bring even more benefits to your Parrot. They are particularly helpful to a bird that is unwell or stressed.

The Prebiotics and Probiotics can be added to drinking water or sprinkled over your bird’s food.

The Avipro Probiotics help your bird to maintain a healthy gut as gut flora levels could fluctuate during any treatments for illnesses. The Vitamins ensure that existing levels of Vitamins A, C and E are kept topped up and don’t drop during illness. The Prebiotics increase the effectiveness of the Probiotics.

Vitamins and Minerals

The Ace-High High Powdered Vitamin Supplement gives your bird high levels of vitamins that they use when they under the weather or feeling stressed. These include Vitamins A and E that help your bird resist infection. The other advantage of Vitamin A is it helps your Parrot maintain a healthy gut.

Vitamin E may boost your bird’s immune system.

This Avimix High Powdered Supplement also has quantities of Vitamin C that keeps your Parrot feeling healthy, although it is used up quickly when a bird is stressed.

Without the vitamins listed above Parrots could start feather plucking, develop poor fertility, and even develop kidney disease.


This BSP Multi Vitamin Liquid Supplement can be added to your Parrot’s drinking water, so birds can digest it quickly. It also has no sugar flavourings that could cause bacteria to start growing in the water. Vitamins present in it are Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, C, D3 and E.

If your Parrot doesn’t eat lots of vitamin rich foods naturally, make sure your bird doesn’t miss out on any of the nutrients they require in a balanced diet with this Multi Vitamin. It also has Vitamins A, C and E and calcium with Vitamin D3.

Zolcal-F is a useful addition to your Parrot's diet.

Ark-Klens keeps your Parrot’s equipment clean.

Vetark: Important vitamins and minerals for Parrots, to support their healthy lifestyle. 

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