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About Vetark & Peter Scott FRCVS

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One of the UK’s specialists in exotic pet nutrition, Peter Scott and his team have been leading the way for over 20 years with their range of vitamin and mineral supplements, available for all kinds of animals including Parrots and pet birds.


Vetark Professional was formed in 1988 by specialist exotics vet Peter Scott FRCVS and his wife Zena. They worked alongside other avian vets who shared Peter’s frustrations with the lack of available products to assist in improving the diet and health of exotics animals in captivity. The result was the birth of Vetark. 

All products including AviMix, Nutrobal and Ace-High are scientifically based and have been developed by Peter Scott FRCVS. Over the years many thousands of Parrot owners have relied on Vetark products to help provide a balanced diet which has contributed to the successful breeding of many species in captivity for the first time. 
Vets, Universities, Scientists, Zoos and pet keepers worldwide have come to rely on and trust products such as BSP drops and Zolcal-F to keep their beloved feathered friends healthy. Perhaps it is time you did too?  

Vetark products

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