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About The Birdcare Company

About The Birdcare Company

Posted by The Birdcare Company, Breeder Products, Parrot Supplements, Parrot Health, Parrot Cleaning Products on 23/1/2024

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The Birdcare Company have been supplying Parrot supplements for over 20 years and have become the UK’s leading supplier in their sector. Avian vets across the country recommend their products and use them themselves on their clients.

The Birdcare Company work closely with bird keepers to discover what problems they have in birdkeeping and then they work out how they can resolve them, with one of their current products or by developing new ones.

he Birdcare Company’s main aim is to produce supplements that either prevent common Parrot illnesses or treat them should they develop. However they also produce a good selection of food and accessories.

Complete Food

Golden Tropic Lori Nectar Food is most suited to brush tongue Parrots such as Lorikeets because it doesn’t separate. It provides them with all the vitamins and minerals they require in a balanced diet, yet is still easily digested. It is a 360g or 1.5kg bag.

Parrot Seed

Banquet Parrot Food is a premium diet for most medium to large Parrots. It contains seeds, nuts and fruits that support granules, vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids and amino acids. It’s also available in a format for small Parrots such as Cockatiels and Lovebirds. Both are a 1.6kg mix. .

Do you have a Parrot that’s difficult to feed? Then encourage your Parrot to eat the Banquet Fussy Eater. It gives your bird the important amino acids, fatty acids vitamins and minerals they need if they won’t follow a normal diet. This complete diet, available as a 1.6kg pack, should be a minimum of 80% of your bird’s diet. It’s very palatable too.

Breeding /Handfeeding Food

The Fruit Flavoured Eggfood is one of the first ever soft foods to contain a prebiotic. Prebiotics increase the effectiveness of friendly bacteria found in your Parrot’s gut.

Eggfood’s other benefit is it promotes your bird’s immune system to work more effectively, particularly vital with young birds that are more vulnerable. The food contains 16% protein which ensures your bird’s muscles stay healthy and strong and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. This all year round food is a 1kg bag.

The Natural Flavoured Eggfood also comes in a 1kg bag. The herbal extracts inside it have lots of useful prebiotics, boost your bird’s immune system and are an anti-protozoal which helps prevent disease. Plus, breeding birds benefit from this food, as it helps with breeding stimulation and keeps them strong and healthy when raising chicks.

Cleaning Products and Disinfectant

The Avisafe Ready to Use Disinfectant is a spray that can be used on most Parrot equipment. It quickly removes bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts from feeding dishes, cages, perches, in fact practically anywhere your bird goes. The 500ml bottle has a pleasant odour and is biodegradable.

Avisafe Concentrated Disinfectant is just as effective. It eliminates yeasts, viruses, fungi and bacteria on water bowls, nest boxes, incubators and many other places. There are three sizes, 100ml, 500ml or 1l.

The Water Purifier keeps your Parrot’s drinking water clean and hygienic. It stops yeasts, fungi and bacteria growing in the water and is renowned for being safe to use every day and extremely economical.

Vitamins and Minerals

The Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement is available in a 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1l bottle. This supplement is important for all Parrots, but particularly African Greys. It’s useful during breeding, when Parrots are producing eggs and to help your bird build strong bones and beak. It dissolves in your bird’s food or water.

The Powdered Calcium and D3 supplement, available as an 80g container, has these useful minerals too, but you’ll need to sprinkle it over your Parrot’s food instead.

Birds with a poor plumage will benefit from the Feather Up feather conditioning treatment. It contains vitamins, minerals and proteins that help your bird achieve a stress free moult and improve the growth of their feathers.

The Feather Plucking Rescue Pack helps with this too.

Fussy Feeders

Does your Parrot refuse to eat a varied diet? The Fussy Feeder Comprehensive Supplement could be perfect for them. Added to water, it encourages your bird to eat a more varied diet and balanced diet, improves your bird’s appetite and converts the diet of “sunflower junkies.” This is a 100g supplement.

You can also buy a Pack of 3 Fussy Feeders Supplement.

Daily Essentials 3 Powdered Multi-Vitamins is in stock in a 100g, 400g and 1kg supplement. It features a lot of important vitamins and minerals, like Vitamins A, C and B12 that your bird may not be getting if they’re not eating fruits and vegetables and gives your Parrot all their important dietary requirements. It works by sprinkling over food.

Daily Essentials 1 Soluble Multi-Vitamins has a multitude of amino acids, rapisorb minerals (minerals that are absorbed quickly) and vitamins such as E, K and A that all benefit your bird’s overall health. It dissolves easily in water so your Parrot receives all the nutrients they need.

The Easy Bird Supplement contains many of these important supplements in one pack.

Treatments and Cures

Wheeze-Eeze benefits birds that are having trouble breathing. It is a blend of five herbs, which all have different properties to help your Parrot. Some loosen catarrh, some act as a disinfectant and some have anti-bacterial effects. They all support your Parrot’s natural defences to help them fight the cause of any symptoms. All they need to do is breathe in the mist.

Finect removes mites.

Illness and Emergency

The Guardian Angel Supplement, available in a 40g or 80g supplement, is perfect for ill or stressed birds. It has energy, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that aid your bird’s immune system and get them feeling well again.

Probiotics by the Birdcare Company such as this 30ml or 100ml bottle improves the condition of breeding birds, increases the chances of chicks surviving and helps your bird maintain a healthy gut. It’s a good addition to food or drinking water.

Bio Plus Powdered Probiotics help maintain your bird’s good gut health too, along with prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.

Potent Brew works in a similar way.

Flourish Immune System Boosters give your Parrot a helping hand when they are sick. The herbal ingredients stimulates your bird’s immune system, attacks disease causing organisms and helps your bird’s stomach grow good bacteria so they fight infections easier in the future.

Spark Tonic Energy Boosting Supplement gives your Parrot a sustained boost of energy. It’s useful for all birds but particularly vital when they are stressed, at show time and when travelling. This is a 40g supplement.

The 40g Poly Aid Emergency Nutrition is crucial if your Parrot is too ill to eat. It prevents them from starving until they regain their appetite again. In extreme cases it can be 100% of your bird’s diet.

Breeder Products

Pro Boost Supermax Breeding Supplement, in stock as a 100g or 360g supplement is rich in protein. Once added to soft food, it will bring your Parrot into breeding condition faster and gives any chicks they produce important vitamins and minerals they require to grow, produce feathers and have overall good health.

Its other useful ingredient is Flourish which encourages the growth of good gut flora and ensures your bird’s immune system stays healthy.

The Birdcare Company: The leading supplier of supplements that improve your bird’s diet and treats them when they’re stressed or ill.