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About The Assorted Brands

About The Assorted Brands

Posted by Assorted Brands, the top Parrot food, accessories, supplements and toys from other leading brands on 23/1/2024

Find out more about the Assorted Brands.

Here at Northern Parrots we’ve chosen a large selection of foods, toys, cages, accessories and supplements from the other leading brands that we haven’t listed elsewhere.

All the products are still of the highest quality, and we trust them to provide the best products for your Parrot.

New products are introduced to this section regularly, as we discover new manufacturers of Parrot products.

If you have a supplier you think we should sell please contact us and let us know.


The Hol-ee Roller Ball is made from strong rubber, There are dozens of hexagonal shaped holes cut into the rubber, where you can push treats for your bird to remove. A bell is already hidden inside too for added fun.

The Fruit Holder is a useful toy for Parrots still getting to grips with foraging. It holds fruit, vegetables, treats and toy parts and then locks onto your Parrot’s cage using a clip fastening so your bird can quickly forage for their goodies.

It also means food stays clean and is always available for your Parrot to access.

The Treasure Hunt Toy is transparent so that your bird can see their goodies hidden inside. There are holes cut into the chest, so your Parrot can touch their prize, although removing them will be difficult. A refill of this toy is also available.

Noise-Making Toys

The Birdy Babble Ball is a fun way for your Parrot to learn to say short words and phrases like “meow” and “squeak.” The wide array of sounds keeps your bird interested in the toy, and hearing the sound repeated regularly enough helps teach them to talk.

Parrots activate the sounds by knocking the ball over with their feet or beak. The ball is strong so withstands even destructive playtimes. The toy stops speaking automatically when your bird ceases playing with it.

The Double Ringer Parrot Bell comes in a small or large size. It has a durable casing that’s easy to clean, so that the bell stays inside and chimes merrily away for a long time. Your Parrot can hold the bell using the D shaped handle or you can attach more materials to it for your bird to play with.

Activity and Trick Toys

The Birdie Basket Ball Toy exercises your bird physically and mentally. It has been created especially for small Parrots. Littler birds can shoot hoops all day long, and as the basket ball is attached to a chain, it won’t bounce too far. It captures your Parrot’s attention immediately thanks to the shiny mirrored backboard.

However it’s also a fun toy for your Parrot to hang and swing from, and there’s room to attach more materials or refill the body of the toy with goodies for your bird to play with.

Shreddable Toys

The Shred It Toy is perfect if your Parrot has mastered all other shreddable toys, or perhaps begun shredding things you don’t want them too.

he toy only has one small slit, to allow a thin shred of paper roll to get through. Your Parrot needs to learn how to pull the paper roll out before they can shred it. Your bird can grip the toy using the holes at each end, which has the added advantage of stopping the Shred It spinning.

The refill pack fastens on at one end of the cylinder.

Paper Roll Refills for Shreddable Parrot Toys quickly attach to shreddable toys using rope or chain or you can build their own unique toy from them. The rolls are unbleached to make them safe for your Parrot.

Foraging Toys

The Nutcase Rubber Foraging Toy resembles a large peanut and has holes cut into it where your Parrot’s favourite treats can be pushed through.

The JW Tumble Bell makes plenty of noise as it rotates, something noise loving Parrots adore. Birds can grip and make the toy rotate by themselves. For added foraging fun add treats inside the spinning barrel for your bird to find.


Millet Sprays come pre-packed in packs of threes. It can be hung up in your Parrot’s cage or just woven through the cage bars. Millet is an excellent source of silica that supports your bird’s immune system, phosphorus, which releases energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and magnesium that helps enzymes transport nutrients.

Walter Harrison’s Premium Parrot Mix is the only diet recommended by the National Parrot Sanctuary. It is a complete diet, so your bird gets all the protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral requirements they require every day.

Some of the beak-wateringly good ingredients include pineapple, beetroot and raisins.


The Mineral Forked Perch for Parrots comes in two sizes, small and medium. It has massaging effects which keeps your bird’s nails healthy and trim, just like chewing and walking across tree bark would do in the wild.

The whole perch is made from discarded shells, making it fully sustainable and good for the environment. Shells contain calcium, which helps your Parrot build strong bones.

The Beach Branch Perch comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. It is a good alternative to chewing on wood perches yet still keeps your Parrot’s beak and nails trim. The perch is made from ground seashells and minerals.

There is also an Edible Branch.

A Manzanita Flat Parrot Perch comes in a small or large size. The flat surface gives your Parrot’s feet a work out and stops any sores developing.

Manzanita perches are incredibly strong and thus is prevents most Parrots’ attempts to chew on it.

Sand blasted perches are perfect for bigger birds.

It has an uneven surface that exercises your bird’s feet and has been randomly cut so that your Parrot’s feet can move around all day.

Liana exercises feet.

Multi perches come in a variety of sizes.

Feeding Dishes

There are three sizes of JW Clean Cup, small, medium and large. It has a transparent hooded section to keep food debris inside the cup. It lets you see when your bird’s food needs replacing or refreshing.

Coop cups come in a variety of sizes.

Other Accessories

The Multi-Clicker is a way to train your Parrot using rewards or positive reinforcement. The volume and tone of the clicker can be changed to suit your Parrot’s sound sensitivity.

Biogance and Avifood take care of feathers.

Bird sand keeps your Parrot’s cage clean.

Having a set of avian scales is very important, because as Parrots are natural prey animals, they don’t like to show any outward signs of illness. Increases and decreases in their weight could be the first indicator of illness.

The scales are accurate to within 1 gram and weigh up to 5kg. These scales have a bowl for weighing baby birds in and a T perch for adult birds. The scales are battery powered, which are already supplied.


The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a must watch for all Parrot lovers. It follows homeless street musician Mark Bittner as he searches for meaning in his life. Along the way he meets wild Conures that have begun breeding in San Francisco. Although he’s not a scientist Mark becomes an expert on the birds and eventually links the Parrot’s behaviour to human behaviour.

The Good Bird DVD teaches your Parrot to talk.

The Expert Parrot Care Series is presented by different avian experts.

The first volume looks at basic avian nutrition, housing birds, identifying different Parrot species, identifying when a bird is ill, how to choose an avian vet and household dangers and toxins.

Bird Nets

The Padded Bird Net is a 23cm net with a 30cm handle. The handle is made from wood. You may need to catch your bird in a net before taking them to the vets with the least amount of stress. The rim of the net is padded to avoid any injuries. The dark material of the net calms your bird quickly once they are caught.

There is also 30cm net with a 45cm handle and a 35cm net with a 38cm handle.

Assorted Brands: Bringing you the other leading toys, food, accessories and supplements in the industry.