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About Super Bird Creations

Find out more about Super Bird toys. 

Super Bird Creations are one of the top manufacturers of bird-safe toys for companion birds and Parrots. They make and produce all the toys themselves, to be used by your Parrot for chewing, shredding, foraging, making noise, climbing, learning a new skill, preening and much more.

Super Bird Creations


Toys are constructed so that your Parrot is mentally stimulated and their behavioural needs are addressed. To do that, Super Bird make their toys from lots of different materials for your Parrot to explore once they’ve bought the toy. This way, Super Bird Creations Toys should have a positive impact on the life of your Parrot.


Chewable Foraging Toys


Chew toys are built using a range of textures like willow, palm, wood, paper and cardboard.


The Beaker Sneaker Parrot Toy is a foot toy transformed into a hanging chewable toy!  The laces of the toy have colourful wavy rings that rattle as your bird plays. Your Parrot can untie the laces and remove the rings to keep their mind active.


The inside of the shoe can be stuffed with goodies, as can the three hoops fastened to the sneaker.


Super Bird Swing and Climbing Toys


Give your Parrot lots of activity through play with Super Bird Swing and Climbing Toys. There is a Flying Trapeze Toy in a Mini size where your Parrot can show off their acrobatic skills. Once the Trapeze starts swaying and rocking, your Parrot gets a real birdie workout. Hanging from the pear links are smaller plastic toys that your Parrot can play with.



Super Bird Flying Trapeze Toy


Super Bird Willow and Palm Toys


The Crinkle Crinkle Little Star is designed especially for small Parrots. It is made up of willow shapes and crinkled paper, that your bird can chomp and chew their way through.


Super Bird Toy Making Parts


The small strips of the Crinkle Paper hide anything you want them too and it can be pushed into the smallest of spaces. Your Parrot can pick, preen, chew and rip up the strands.

Super Bird Crinkle Paper
Crinkle Paper


Super Bird Foot Toys


Foot toys give your Parrot’s feet a much needed work out. As the toys are lightweight and small in size, it is really easy for your bird to carry them around in their beak or feet. Foot toys are best for birds with a medium to large beak.


There are foot toys made from all kinds of materials, like paper vine and plastic, and in a host of interesting shapes such as shoes, rattles and balls, so plenty to keep your bird occupied.


Woven Paper Sticks are natural and coloured paper woven into finger shaped sticks. Parrots enjoy picking, chewing and unravelling them and they double as a toy-making part; thread leather or rope through the centre to create an interesting new toy.

Paper Sticks
Paper Sticks


The Large Paper Party Sticks keeps your Parrot entertained in a variety of ways too. Parrots like chewing and unravelling the circular sticks, which gives your bird’s feet and beak lots of exercise.  They can also use them as a foot toy or be attached to other textured toys to improve their appearance.


The Wing Nut Parrot Puzzle Foot Toy is made up of lots of plastic bolts and wing nuts. The fun wing shaped are each attached to different coloured bolts that your Parrot can spin around and move up and down. Plus, every bolt has a cap on the end which your bird can try and remove, and once they do, push treats inside.


The UFO Foot Toy has colourful links threaded through it, from which pacifiers, beads and other links are fastened through. Medium to large size beaks love exploring it.

UFO Foot Toy
Super Bird UFO Foot Toy




The Fiesta Ball Stuffers are fun a foraging toy, no matter what size of bird you have. Parrots love picking out all the crinkle paper inside the vine ball and then munching away at it. Alternatively fill the ball with some more of your Parrot’s favourite goodies, a sure fire way of keeping their mind active. .


The Natural Chews for Parrots have two each of three delicious natural chews that birds enjoy chewing, picking and preening with.


Super Bird 2016 Toys

In August 2016 Super Bird launched new toys.


The Rattler Ring Parrot Toy is useful if your bird enjoys making lots of noise, as it’s filled with lots of goodies that make a delightful noise as your bird plays.


The Seagrass Tent is made from comfortable natural materials your bird can hideaway in. It has a perch inside so they’re comfortable whilst picking at and unravelling all the natural fibres.


Super Bird 2017 Toys

Your Parrot can enjoy unravelling all the corn husker roll on the Corn Husk Toss Parrot Toy.


Watch a Parrot enjoy unravelling all the textures of the Vine Star Chew Parrot Toy.


The Mini Seagrass Tumbler has hundreds of textures your Parrot can pick at and unravel.


The woven vine stars of the Pinwheel is overflowing with crinkle paper Parrots love shredding into smaller pieces.


The Moon Pie is ideal for smaller beaks that love foraging too. Fill the munch balls or sneakers with small treats, then see if your Parrot can get them out again.


Super Bird 2018 Toys

Your Parrot will get a real kick out of the Kick Ball, as it brings musical and foraging fun.


The Palm Star Tower gives lots of unravelling fun.


Hide treats inside Jingleberries for your bird to find or just allow them to enjoy the gentle chiming.


Keep minds active as your bird works out how to unscrew the Screw It.


The Binky Bop has two fun activities in one, chewing and foraging.


2020 Products

You can hang toys from the Kabob.


The Preen and Spin reduces overpreening behaviours.


The Flower Fest and Mini Foraging Basket let Parrots enjoy hours of chewing and preening fun.


 2022 Products

Let your Parrot enjoy swinging on the Vine TwistMini Activity Wall or Mini Rainbow Bridge.

Super Bird Activity Wall
Activity Wall


The Starburst Mini, Wiggles and Waffers and Seagrass Wafers have plenty to occupy beaks with.


The Star Gazer is great for chewing on and the Mug Forager ideal for foraging in.

2023 Toys

Soft balsa wood is in the Block Buster, Flowers, Bot and Rainbow.

Then for smaller birds to get exercise through play there’s the Balsa Busy Centre and Balsa Perch.

The Jolly Jingler, Rainbow Rattler and Maraca Mania lets noise-loving birds do their favourite thing.

The Firecrackers Sticks, Gear Wheel and Wiggle Plank are all foot toys that are easy to carry. Many foot toys are combined in the Super Bird Foot Toy Combo Pack.

Smaller birds can enjoy chewing fun on the Dancing Daisies, Spaced Out and What A Croc.

Your Parrot can be pleasantly surprised by the Sola Surprise.

Finally, keep your Parrot’s beak busy with the Daddy Long Legs, Wiggle Waggle and Beaky Beads.  

Super Bird Creations: Find out what the squawk’s about with these exciting toys Parrots love playing with.

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