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About Polly’s Natural

Polly’s Avian Tea

Find out more about Polly’s Natural. 

Polly’s Avian Tea was developed by Karmen Budai.

Karmen’s Cockatoo Polly was developing health problems and Karmen wanted to find a way to help her. They looked around and realised that raw food, herbal teas and sprouted seeds helped her.

Therefore they only use natural, human grade ingredients in their teas.

About Polly's Natural

Karmen and the tea work with Dr Jason Crean, who is president of the Avicultural Society of Chicago.

The Avian Tea comes in three different varieties, Golden Blossom, Nature Boost and Eternal Feathers. Share a cuppa with your bird.

Nature Boost has vitamins and minerals that support the immune system.

Eternal Feathers help your bird’s mind and body.

Polly's Natural tea

There is also a Tea Ball to stir the tea. 

There is an Organic Topper and Foraging Tray to explore.

There is Natural Floral and Simple Floral food as a tasty addition to your Parrot’s diet. 

The Forage Feast is perfect for foraging in, available for small and medium and large Parrots. 

The Hormone Bliss is ideal for birds who are hormonal.

Polly’s Freeze Dried is now in a fruit and veggieveggie mix and fruit mix.

Polly’s Natural: Organic, herbal avian teas for Parrots

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