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About Natures Instinct

About Natures Instinct

Posted by Natures Instinct Parrot Toys, Foraging Toys, Top Brands, Rings of Fortune on 22/1/2024

Nature’s Instinct was established in 1992. They manufacture a wonderful selection of foraging toys for Parrots, both reusable and chewable, as well as stands and activity centres for the smaller members of the Parrot family.

You can hide treats, food, material or anything else your Parrot will happily work for inside a foraging device for your clever Parrot to find and retrieve.

The strong materials the reusable foraging toys are made from means birds are occupied for a long time. They have been popular toys for Parrots and their owners for many years. The reusable foraging toys are very easy to clean too.

Foraging is vital to a Parrot’s wellbeing. In the wild they could spend long periods of their day searching for their food. Therefore it is important to replicate this natural behaviour. In addition to that, foraging ensures your Parrot stays mentally stimulated and doesn’t start to demonstrate any unwanted behaviours like feather plucking.

Having food to find in a foraging device, rather than having food presented to them in a feeding dish, makes your Parrot’s life more enriched.

Nature’s Instinct Stands

The Basketball Gym is ideal for smaller birds such as Lovebirds and Canaries. As well as being a place for the bird to rest, your Parrot can learn how to play basketball. Once they’ve scored a basket, a treat is dispensed to them. There’s also small gym equipment so Parrots can have a little birdie workout.

Nature’s instinct Reusable Foraging Toys

The Snack Rack Multi-Level Foraging Toy has different sections to place treats inside for your Parrot to forage for. If your bird is just being introduced to the concept of foraging place treats in the top section of the toy, then rotate and slide the rings to keep the treat in place.

Once Parrots have become more proficient at foraging, treats can be placed in the bottom level of the toy to increase the difficulty level.

Rings of Fortune

The Rings of Fortune Advanced Foraging Toy has a similar concept. Before Parrots get foraging, owners must align the marks on the toy with the exit holes. Then they’ll have to add the treat so it falls to the top of the toy. Then they spin the rings to trap the treat securely in the toy.

Snce the toy is hung in your Parrot’s cage, your bird needs to line up the marks to allow the treats to fall back down to the bottom again. Treats can be moved higher up the toy as the bird becomes better at foraging.

The Barrel of Fun is made from tough polymer that can withstand big chewers. Place food, treats etc inside and then push and lock the chamber. Your bird will then need to work out how to unlock the chamber again to reach their prize.

Who knows what goodies could be hidden in the Parrot’s Treasure Tough Foraging Toy. The chest is locked shut. To access their rewards your Parrot must turn and pull the keys to make the bottom of the chest drop. Only then will their treasure be released.

There are two locks on the chest in total so depending on your Parrot’s skill level, one or more could be closed. Once again this toy is made from tough material to resist chewing.


Another puzzle Parrots need to learn how to solve is dismantling logs. The Turn `n` Learn Logs are made from strong polymer and stainless and have a nickel plated chain to discourage chewing to get to the food hidden inside them. Instead Parrots must unscrew the logs to retrieve their goal. There are four logs in total, giving birds plenty of foraging opportunities.

Get three of the toys together in a kit.

Nature’s Instinct: Strong and stimulating reusable foraging toys for Parrots.