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About Creative Foraging Systems

About Creative Foraging Systems

Posted by Creative Foraging, Foraging Parrot Toys, Buffet Ball, Best Parrot Toys on 19/1/2024

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Foraging is important to a companion bird or Parrot. If you always fill your Parrot’s bowl with food and don’t make your bird work for their meal, your Parrot will become bored and start demonstrating destructive behaviour.

About Creative Foraging Systems

So you should encourage your Parrot forage for their food instead. There are Creative Foraging Systems products appropriate for when your bird is just beginning foraging, and for when your Parrot has become more experienced at looking for and retrieving your food.

All the toys are made from strong materials such as polycarbonate that are easy to clean.

Northern Parrots are the only UK importer of Creative Foraging Systems’ products, ensuring a consistent supply of stimulating toys for your Parrot.

Foraging Wheels

The Original Foraging Wheel has different compartments which you can fill with different treats for your bird to enjoy. They spin the wheel to get to the reward inside the toy.

Foraging Balls

The Buffet Party Ball Toy has two halves that twist apart so they can be filled with your Parrot’s favourite things, like treats and materials. It can be used anywhere your Parrot plays.

The Buffet Ball With Bell has all the fun of the Buffet Party Toy but with the added advantage of a bell. The bell is super strong to withstand the most destructive of Parrots.

The Buffet Ball with Cage Mount has a tray to prevent food loss and catch anything your bird drops whilst eating. Your Parrot must spin the ball to access their prize.

Foraging Towers

The Tug N Slide Foraging Tower is made up of different drawers and compartments that your Parrot needs to move around to get to the prize inside. Foraging towers are appropriate for Eclectus Parrots and other similar sized birds.

In the Foraging Tower Mentally Stimulating Toy there are four compartments where your bird’s favoured treats can be placed. Again there are different compartments to the toy so your Parrot has to move them around whilst retrieving their reward.

The toy comes with a metal skewer to hold the goodies more securely inside and make them more difficult for your bird to access.

Push and Pull

The Push and Pull Parrot Toy has a top section that can be unscrewed and filled with food and treats. Once it is brimming with goodies, hang the lid back on again.

To get to this prize, your Parrot must learn how to push and pull three slats until they line up with the holes in each chamber. Only then will the treats fall to the next level.

Then repeat several times until they reach the bottom chamber.

Other Foraging Toys

The Foraging Carousel has four separate compartments inside it so potentially you could have four different rewards for your Parrot to find. They all open differently and the whole toy spins as your Parrot plays with it. This keeps them intrigued as to the fastest way into the toy.

The Sliding Doors Foraging Parrot Toy has three doors on each side with a stainless steel skewer in the middle. Your Parrot must negotiate the different entrances.

You need to unscrew the stainless steel skewer so it can hold fruits or materials that have holes inside them. Your Parrot may learn how to open the doors themselves to get to their treats but there are holes in the toy where they can push through the goodies anyway.


The Working Lunch Skewer lets you place food on it for your Parrot to enjoy. Available in a large size.

The Foraging Sphere holds a great selection of your Parrot’s favourite treats. It has holes inside where the treats can be placed. It can then filled back up again until your bird’s natural foraging instincts take over.

The Food Tumbler Foraging Parrot Toy again has a puzzle that your bird needs to solve. Your Parrot must spin the toy around until the food drops down the tube into the bottom so your bird can collect their prize. How far the tube is pushed in changes the level of difficulty for your Parrot.

The Hide and Seek is a fun game you and your Parrot can play together.

Find three of the most popular toys together in a kit.

The Windmill is a two staged foraging device.

Creative Foraging Systems: Keeping Parrots mentally stimulated with a huge range of foraging toys.