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What is National Pet Month all About?

Published on Monday, 25th January 2021
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The month long celebrations begins on April 1st and doesn’t officially end until May 4th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get involved. National Pet Month is a registered charity that works with animal welfare charities, pet companies, professional organisations and pet lovers to improve the welfare of pets.

 The goals of the month are:
Promote responsible pet ownership
Inform the public of the benefits of living with pets
Increase the public’s awareness of the role of pet care specialists.
Raise awareness of the value of assistance companion animals.

Plus promoting this year's theme: Responsible Pet Ownership. 
Lots of events are being held across the country to mark the big event and you can check them all out on the National Pet Month website. Thousands of people will be celebrating life with their pets, raising money for animal charities and giving out information on responsible pet ownership.

Here’s what you can do to be a responsible pet Parrot owner.
Richard Jones of Avian Veterinary Services wrote this informative article about why you should considere microchipping your Parrot. Microchipping makes it easier to reunite you and your Parrot if your bird is ever lost or stolen and is safer for your bird than leg bands.
Protect your Parrot from household dangers like Teflon. The late Liz Wilson wrote this useful blog explaining some of the more common risks to Parrots in your home in 2012 but it’s still just as relevant today. In 2015 one of customers tragically lost their Parrot to Teflon poisoning and wanted us to let other Parrot owners know of its dangers - click here to read the article.
Keep your Parrot’s clever mind occupied with plenty of foot toys,  foraging toys and chewable toys. Without toys, birdie boredom could soon set in and lead to destructive behaviours you or your bird won’t want. 


Visit your avian vet on a regular basis, ideally no less than once a year. Even if you think your Parrot is fit and healthy, having an annual check up can spot any problems early. Check out this list we’ve compiled of specialised avian vets in the UK and abroad.
Ensure your Parrot is following a healthy and balanced diet. There is a superb choice of tasty and nutritious foods and treats to suit even the fussiest of Parrot palettes. 

Provide your Parrot with a spacious cage. Buy the biggest one you can afford for your bird. We have a massive selection of cages to choose from for your feathered friend. 

Train your Parrot in simple skills like flying, identifying colours, recognising shapes, talking and any other behaviour that’ll enrich your bird’s life and keep you and your bird happy. Browse our large choice of accessories here

They’re showing the love to pets in the USA too. Across the pond they’re celebrating National Pet Day on April 11th. It has a similar focus to our National Pet Month, raising money for non profit organisations and encouraging people to donate their unwanted items to animal shelters, to make positive changes in a pet’s life.
If you're getting involved in National Pet Month don't forget to leave a comment below and let us and everyone else know about the good work you are doing.

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