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  • kaytee bird greens

    Kaytee Bird Greens Pro Health 28g Chia and Sweet Potato Parrot Treat

    • Simply sprinkle over your Parrot's usual diet
    • Natural vegetation ensures your Parrot is getting a varied diet
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Budgie and more
    • A tasty treat full of herbs and vegetables
  • fruit delight avicakes

    Lafeber Fruit Delight AviCakes Parrot Treat 227g

    • A delicious fruity treat. Naturally preserved and flavoured
    • Omega 3 & 6 Balanced
    • Can be fed as a main meal or a treat
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatiel and more
  • nutri bars

    Parrot Cafe Nutri Bars Parrot Treats - Pack of 8

    • Eight bars of four different flavours
    • Your Parrot can enjoy holding them
    • Full of taste and texture for pet birds
    • Suitable for African Grey, Caique, Cockatoo and more
  • vitakraft millet sprays

    Vita Nature Millet Sprays - 300g - Delicious Treat for Birds

    • A tasty treat for all Parrots
    • Keeps birds busy, picking through the seed
    • High in magnesium, phosphorus and silica
    • Suitable for Budgie, Canary, Cockatiel and more
  • feather care treat stick

    Vitakraft Feather Care Treat Stick for Pet Birds & Parrots

    • A useful treatment to keep feathers in good condition
    • Has high levels of nutrition
    • Hang in your Parrot's cage to make mealtimes fun
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Cockatiel, Lg Conure, Sm Conure, Lovebird, Sm Macaw, Meyers, Senegals and Quaker
  • johnsons Parrot bumper treat seed bar

    Johnsons Parrot Bumper Treat Seed Bar - 175g

    • Extra large sized treats containing seeds, nuts etc
    • With honey, so is sweet-tasting
    • Has a hanger to fasten to your Parrot's cage
    • Lots of taste and texture
  • parrot palm nut oil

    Parrot Palm Nut Fruit Extract Oil - 500ml

    • Made from the natural food source of African Greys
    • Improves feather colour and condition and more
    • Great source of Vitamin A and minerals
    • Keeps up to 3 months when opened
  • brown's crispy sticks

    Brown's Crunchy Crispy Sticks Parrot Treats

    • Fun colourful crispy treats for your Parrot
    • Easy to hold and exciting for your bird to chew and play with
    • Cereal based dry snack