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What Types Of Parrot Toys Are Available

What Types Of Parrot Toys Are Available

Posted by Parrot toys , types of Parrot toys, Parrot foraging toys on 23/1/2024

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Did you know that the intelligence of many popular kept Parrots can easily be compared to that of a four year old child?


This means, like children, if your Parrot isn’t kept entertained they become bored, and boredom can lead to many unwanted behaviours.

So, how can you stop your feathered four year old from screaming and being destructive? The answer is fairly simple, provide them with toys.

Having a variety of entertaining and stimulating toys is very important. It shows you know and care about your bird’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are some of the most popular types of toys that your Parrot might like.

Foraging Toys

These toys provide for one of your bird’s main natural behaviours the activity of searching for, finding and retrieving their food. In their natural environment foraging takes up a lot of a Parrot’s time, so it isn’t hard to see how beneficial these toys can be.

Food and treats or favourite chewable materials are placed inside; your Parrot then works out how to retrieve them. There are generally two types of foraging toys, reusable ones made from plastics, acrylics and super tough polycarbonate; such as those by Creative Foraging, and chewable ones.

With a good selection of foraging toys your Parrot can happily spend hours a day accessing their food.

Chewable and Shreddable Toys

Your Parrot’s beak is always growing and chewing helps to keep their beak trim and in prime condition. Your Parrot relies on their beak to feed, as well as using it as a third foot to move around in their acrobatic style.

Wood and rope toys, cardboard and paper toys and those made with natural woven materials such as palm leaf, willow and vine are all popular; great for keeping beaks busy chewing, preening and shredding.

Foot Toys

Available in a wide range of materials to suit every Parrot, these small foot toys are designed to encourage your Parrot to pick them up and hold with their feet whilst they play. This helps to ensure their feet are kept well exercised, as well as providing a fun new way to play.

Munch Balls Woven Vine Chew Toy For Parrots

Climbing and Swinging Toys

Climbing and swinging toys are a fabulous way for your Parrot to exercise and show off their acrobatic skills, they promote exercise through play.

You and your Parrot can enjoy spending time playing together with activity and trick toys. Through play your Parrot can learn new skills, such as counting, colour recognition or even riding around on special Parrot roller skates.

For the best training results it is widely accepted to use positive reinforcement methods. This means every time your Parrot does the desired trick, activity or behaviour they are rewarded with either praise or a small reward.

In Summary
Even though there are lots more different types of Parrot toys available and many toys made to be destroyed, like their four year old human counterparts, Parrots can become bored if given the same toys over and over again. So make sure you choose from our huge selection of fun toys for your Parrot right here.