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What To Do If Your Parrot Escapes Or Is Lost

Here is what to do about lost Parrots.

It is never easy when a Parrot goes missing. However, the good news is most Parrots do come home safely.

Lost Parrots

Here’s a few ways to help reduce the chance of your pet bird or Parrot from escaping or flying off…


Take them outside with the use of a Parrot harness or travel cage. Even the most confident of Parrots that aren’t in a harness could easily get spooked and fly off when they hear or see something unexpected


Spend time recall training – so your bird is used to flying back to you


Keep doors and windows closed when your Parrot is flying free in your house or out of their cage – just in case.

 If your Parrot does fly away, here’s what to do.


Contact the Parrot Society UK. They have a register of all lost, found and stolen birds. It’s run by retired police officer David Dickason. Their contact details are 07545 347177 or


Post about your Parrot on social media. That way others in your community can share the post and keep a look-out too


Create and put up posters in the local area plus in shops and vets. The Parrot Alert website can be used to generates a free poster for you to put up around your neighbourhood with your Parrot’s details and your details


Keep calling for your lost Parrots. If they are trained in recall there’s a good chance they’ll hear your voice and return


Leave food outside, they’ll usually come back when they’re hungry.


The other important things you can do is


Take photos of your bird, especially any marking or deformities. Plus, any leg rings and their numbers


Ensure your Parrot is microchipped. Most avian vets offer this service. That way, the police or other organisation can identify your bird quickly and easily.


Make a note of any leg ring and microchip numbers.
Please note – controversial subject coming up… and this is not a practise we advocate, but for anyone thinking that clipping your Parrot’s wings is a solution, please consider that given the right conditions even a clipped bird can still manage flight – for a balanced view on wing clipping take a look at this article by Liz Wilson.

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