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Northern Parrots Trick Training Academy with Sara Houston

Northern Parrots Trick Training Academy with Sara Houston

Posted by Trick training, Parrot training, bird training on 26/1/2024

Sara tells us more about the trick training academy.


How many times have you seen videos of Parrots doing tricks and wished you could give it a go yourself? Maybe you wanted to but were put off by thinking it’s too complicated, you don’t have the time or your bird would never do that?

Well, here at the Northern Parrots Trick Academy we’re going to be breaking down trick training into easy, bite-sized chunks that anyone can have a go at.

We want to see lots of people just giving training a go. In each blog post we’ll be breaking down a trick and giving you all the steps on how to teach your Parrot to perform it. By the end of this year your Parrot could have learnt up to 6 new tricks and be a proud graduate of the Northern Parrots: Trick Academy Class of 2020

Scout the Senegal

Working in partnership with Sara and Scout the Senegal who love trick training – it’s really good fun and a great way to bond with your Parrot. It also gives your Parrot lots of mental stimulation and can help enrich their life.

Scout the Senegal Parrot is proof that you don’t need to be an expert trainer to give it a try. Sara started from scratch, and now Scout knows over 30 tricks. Sara even has her own pet agent and has worked on multiple tv shows and adverts. It’s opened so many opportunities for Sara and Scout.

The instructions for the tricks are going to be stripped back and for those who’d like more details there will be a link the theory, but the point of it is that you can just give it a go.

You don’t need loads of time as you can teach all these tricks with just 5 minutes of training a day. You simply need to make sure you find a few minutes here and there. The key is doing it every day - it’s better to do 5 minutes every day, than 2 hours once a week.


As part of the Northern Parrots Trick Academy, we want to get lots of people training and supporting each other. So, record your training, however small or big your achievement, and share it with the hashtag #northernparrotstrickacademy so everyone can support each other.

Why trick training is great:

- It’s great fun!
- Its constructive time spent with your Parrot
- It can be used to help with behavioural problems
- It can help tame a Parrot that can’t be handled
- It’s really great mental stimulation and enrichment
- It’ll increase your bond with your Parrot


The tricks we’ll be teaching over the blog posts are:

- Target
- Fetch
- Turn Around
- Step Up
- Wave
- Bowling

So, are you ready to be part of the Northern Parrots Trick Academy revolution? Join us as we embark on this journey, and don’t forget to share your posts on social media with @northernparrots using the hashtag #northernparrotstrickacademy to support others who are doing it too.

*** All tricks in the Northern Parrot Trick Academy are taught using force free methods. That means we use treats to reinforce the behaviour and it should always be a positive experience for your Parrot and you. ***

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