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Teach Your Parrot To Wave by Sara Houston

Teach Your Parrot To Wave by Sara Houston

Posted by Teach your Parrot how to wave, train your Parrot to wave, Parrot training, Parrot tricks on 25/1/2024

Here is how to teach your Parrot to wave.


Wave was the first trick Sara ever taught Scout. It felt like it took forever for her to get it right (mainly because it was her and Scout’s first trick and she had to learn to learn) but Sara loved the feeling when Scout started to wave when Sara asked her to.

In order to teach wave your bird should be able to step onto a hand when asked to (i.e. they lift their foot up to step onto your hand). If they don’t, Sara recommends going back and teaching step up using a target before trying this trick.

Breaking down the trick:

Objective: Get your bird to lift their foot up when you ask them to wave
You will need: Your hand, treats

1) Stretch your hand out so your bird lifts their foot to step up. Remember to say “wave”
2) When they lift their foot to step up, say good or click a clicker
3) Reward them


After you’ve done this quite a few times, you may notice they start lifting their foot earlier when you move your hand forward. This is because they’re keen to get the treat! Once they get confident waving their foot, they will start doing it earlier. If you slow down your hand moving towards them, you’ll start finding you have to move your hand less and less.
4) Start moving your hand slower towards them whilst asking to wave
5) As soon as they lift their foot, say good or click a clicker
6) Reward


Continue doing this but start wiggling you finger as you move your hand in and try and move your hand less and less towards them. Eventually you’ll be able to wiggle your finger, ask them to wave and they will.

Stretch challenge
Can you get your Parrot to wave with you standing a metre away? Can you do it three times in a row?


My Parrot won’t lift their foot when I reach my hand forward:
Sara recommends going back and working on ‘Step Up’ if they don’t lift their foot when you put your hand out to pick them up.

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