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Teach Your Parrot Bowling By Sara Houston

Teach Your Parrot Bowling By Sara Houston

Posted by Teach your Parrot bowling, Train your Parrot bowling, Parrot Training, How to train your Parrot on 25/1/2024

Here is how to teach your Parrot bowling.

I hope you’re all getting on well with your trick training and it’s inspiring you to train more. In this blog we’re looking at the bowling trick. This is another one of my favourites. It looks great and it’s probably our most requested trick. The great thing is, it’s easy to teach.

Breaking down the trick:

Objective: Teach your Parrot to push a ball down the ramp to knock over the bowling pins
You will need: A desktop bowling set, target stick (optional), treats.

Option 1:

1) Hold your target stick near to the ball
2) Say “go bowl”
3) If they touch the stick, say good or click

Repeat this, getting closer to the ball until they start touching it. They will push it off the top at some point, then only reward when they push it off.

Option 2:

1) Hold the ball close to the Parrot
2) Say “go bowl”
3) If they touch it, say good or click
4) Reward

Repeat these steps
Start putting the ball on the ramp and saying “go bowl”

Stretch Challenge Can you get your Parrot to bowl standing 1 metre away from you? Can you get them to walk up to it from 30cm away and bowl?


My Parrot is scared of the bowling equipment:

Use your target stick to get them to go close to the bowling set. It maybe you get them to move just a step towards it and reward. Then you keep increasing how close you want them to get. They’ll soon be getting super close.

Scout bowling

Train together

We can’t wait to see how you get on with this challenge. Don’t forgot to upload to videos use the hashtag #northernparrotstrickacademy and tag us on Instagram @northernparrots.