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Northern Parrots National Cockatiel Day

Northern Parrots National Cockatiel Day

Posted by Cockatiel Day, Cockatiel Care, Offers, Cockatiel Facts on 9/1/2024

We’re celebrating Cockatiel Day on Thursday May 16th and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Use the #CockatielDay on social media to show you’re getting involved and share your pictures of your Tiel enjoying the day.

Our Facebook friends Feathered Friends are getting involved too.


Like previous years, we’re going to be sharing some impressive facts about Cockatiels. For example did you know that Cockatiels are one of the few Parrots that can be bred successfully in a colony aviary? Or that Rosemary Low rates them second only to Budgerigars as being best suited to children as pets?

For more details on the Cockatiel read our useful fact sheet by Rosemary Low here.

You can make sure you’re taking excellent care of your Cockatiel with our excellent products for Cockatiels. Why not buy them as a gift for your Cockatiel on the day.

There are lots of delicious food you can add to your Cockatiel’s feeding dish or find in a foraging toy.

There’s complete food, seed and treats and breeding diets and hand feed for Cockatiel parents and chicks.

Then there are plenty of entertaining toys to enrich your Cockatiel’s life with, including musical toys, chewable foraging toys and reusable foraging toys.

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There are lots of styles of cage for your Cockatiel to rest and play in, including play top, solid top and open top cages.

Finally, browse our huge array of accessories, which include perches and hideaways.

Northern Parrots National Cockatiel Day


We’ll have very special offers running for the day.

We hope you and your Tiel enjoy the day.