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Meet Winston the African Grey

Meet Winston the African Grey

Posted by Winston the African Grey, African Greys, African Grey Parrot on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Winston the African Grey

For this month's Meet My Parrot, we're meeting Fiona Jeffrey and her African Grey Winston, aka wwwinston_101 on Instagram.

Why did I choose an African Grey?

I'd grown up with Cockatiels. Joey and Charlie were life long friends but sadly passed away at the good ages of 22 and 24. I missed having feathered friends so I then adopted two Indian Ringneck Parakeets for a short time.

With the view of getting a bird who could again be a life long companion I started looking at and researching different breeds, so as to find one who would be the perfect fit, for me and for them.

Initially I looked at Senegal, Conure and Eclectus Parrots who are more docile and playful.

However visiting a local well trusted store, I was greeted by Winston.

He was an 18 week old African Grey with beautiful dark baby eyes, fluffy red dotted belly and a "talent for mischief" I was reliably informed. I found my perfect forever friend.

What does he eat?

Now that's a shorter list. He loves dried chilli- he loves to give kisses afterwards even more. (Hot stuff)
All fruit! Spinach and sugar snaps are also a winning appetiser.

The AviCakes are a welcomed tasty treat also.

What are his favourite toy(s)?

Balls! This bird loves balls and balls with bells in!

His favourite game?

Peek a boo! He even says it.

Does he speak?

Oh boy he speaks. It was a slow start but once he hit 11 months old he's come on in leaps and bounds. "Hello" "peek a boo" "what's up?" "Kisses (giz a kiss!)" and a lovely realistic "oink oink" grunt like there's a pig in the room are his favourites.

My advice for new Parrot owners?

Make time for them. No lounging in front of the TV and leaving the bird in the cage or on a stand. They love and need interaction. The more you give them, the more they'll give back to you! They are the most rewarding species you can bring into your home.

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