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Meet My Parrot: Cleo the Yellow-crowned Amazon

Meet My Parrot: Cleo the Yellow-crowned Amazon

Posted by Amazon Parrots, Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot on 15/1/2024

We love meeting your Parrots. This time we’re meeting Debbie Townsend’s Yellow-crowned Amazon Cleo. Read on to meet Cleo.

Why did you choose a Yellow-crowned Amazon?
I chose a Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot as they are very pretty, affectionate and great talkers. When I first saw Cleo she was ripping paper at the bottom of a small cage. And when she first saw me she gave me a butter wouldn't melt all adoring look so I knew she had character and would be very entertaining. I took her home that same day.

What is Cleo’s favourite food?
New potatoes, also sweet corn and peas.

Does Cleo have any favourite toys?
A singing reindeer called Harry who sits next to the cage. Her favourite toy inside the cage is a plastic football but don't think Messi has anything to worry about just yet.

Does Cleo have any games she likes to play?
Peekaboo through the covers with me and playing with her football

Does Cleo speak?
Yes, she’s a great talker, shouts Debbie, hello, what's that, who’s that, laughs and sings. She also shouts me when it's her bedtime times it perfectly...8.45pm!!

Do you have any advice for new Parrot owners?
Give them plenty of toys to play with especially ones they can destroy. Give them a varied diet and listen to them as they talk to you in their own way.

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