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Meet Coco the African Grey

Meet Coco the African Grey

Posted by Coco The African Grey, African Greys, African Grey Parrots on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Coco the African Grey.

For this instalment of Meet My Parrot we’re meeting Coco the African Grey and her owners Maggie and David Ikin.

I am Miss Coco an African Grey and I was born on December 29th 2015.

Maggie and Dave are my owners, or so they think….they are my slaves!

                                                                                                                                                                                            I think they chose me because I wouldn’t grow too big, but I’m definitely the boss.

What is Coco’s favourite food?

My favourite food has to be pomegranates, I absolutely love them.

I like grapes, oranges, papaya, cherries, apples too.

Also I like carrots, sweetcorn, peas in a pod and my safe nuts (walnuts, almonds etc).

I also love NutriBerries and AviCakes.

Does Coco have any favourite toys?

My favourite toy has to be anything with cardboard.

Does Coco talk?

I don’t talk but I have been taught to whistle tunes….
The Adams Family, Yellow Submarine, Eastenders theme tune…..Christmas I whistle Jingle Bells and Rudolph.

Does Coco have any favourite games?

My favourite game is flying upstairs to see my Dad when he’s working from home, so I can try to wreck his computer!

Do you have advice for new Parrot owners?

My Mummy would tell anyone thinking of getting a Parrot to do plenty of research beforehand.

Plus find a good avian vet! A yearly health check is a must!

Oh, toys, I must have plenty of toys!

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