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Meet Chirpy The Budgie

Meet Chirpy The Budgie

Posted by Budgies, Chirpy the Budgie, Parrot Owner Advice on 9/1/2024

We’d like you to meet Chirpy the Budgie and her owner Pamela Nicholls.

Chirpy is 6 years old and was hand raised after being rejected by parents. She has an adopted sister Pipsqueak who is a rescued lost Budgie. Chirpy is a very affectionate bird who loves to give kisses and snuggles. She loves toys and playing games.

I chose Budgies because they are so much character packed into a tiny body. Chirpy does not believe she is small. I originally grew up with a Mynah bird and have owned other species including Lovebirds as well as fostering some larger birds and rehabbing wild birds.

However Budgies completely have my heart as they are so underestimated as to what their true potential is. They are so small that you need to work hard to overcome their natural fear of all things, but the work is worth it.


Chirpy has a very varied diet which includes a lot of fresh food and freshly sprouted seeds. She loves basil and chickweed. she likes broccoli but prefers it to be lightly steamed. She is keen to try new things if we are eating it and we hold it for her. Her very favourite special treat are oat groats.

Chirpy loves toys. Her favourites include her babble ball, penguin on wheels and maracas. She loves to chew so she has a cork wall and a chew station. Seagrass mats, yucca and dried mahogany fruit are some of her favourite chews.


Chirpy loves to play with us and invents her own games. She loves to roll off the top of my phone into my hand. She also like me to chase her with my lip balm tube and pretend I’m trying to get her tummy, whilst she pretends to object.

Chirpy can talk a little but not very clearly. She snuggles me and says I love you pretty girl when I get home from work. Chirpy also says Chirpy Chips and quack, quack. She copies sounds from my phone and is currently going click click whilst I’m typing.


To new owners I would say:

1. Don’t get a bird unless you can give them lots of time.

3. Patience is a virtue and with Budgies some things can take a long time like taming or getting them to eat fresh food, but never give up.

4. Research their nutrition properly and make sure they have a varied diet with lots of fresh food.

5. Finally locate an avian vet before you get a bird and then schedule a wellness check for when the bird has been with you a few weeks. Let yourself and your birds get to know the vet.

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