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Meet My Parrot

Meet My Parrots – Pickles and Charlie The Quaker Parrots

Sarah Ward tells us about her two Quaker Parrots Pickles and Charlie. Why did you choose a Quaker Parrot? I choose Quakers because they are easy to train and just lovely little floofy birds that like to cuddle. What are Pickles and Charlie’s favourite food? The favourite foods are fresh chopped veg and Lafeber’s El […]

Meet My Parrot – Triss the Green-cheeked Conure

Becca Hill tells us about Triss the Green-cheeked Conure. Tell us about Triss Triss is a Pineapple Green cheek-Conure. This is a small species from a wide area of South America. She is nearly 7 years old and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Triss came from a breeder of Green-cheeks […]

Meet Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon

Say hello to Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon. In the next part of our Meet My Parrot series we meet Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon and his owner Brandon Faustino. Over to Brandon… Tell us about Oscar Oscar is a Blue fronted Amazon who was 8 months on Friday February 24th. He came home in December and […]

Meet Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey

Say hello to Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey. For this month’s Meet My Parrot article, we’re going to meet Marius Torsan from Romania and his flock, Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey. Over to Marius who tells us his story. This story starts in early 2000 when I didn’t know […]

Meet Tashi the Green-cheeked Conure

Say hello to Tashi the Green-cheeked Conure. My name’s Tashi (which means ‘auspicious’ in Tibetan). I’m a yellow-sided Green-cheeked Conure and I’ll be five on 23 July. Mom says I was a pretty ugly looking chick, but I think I was showing all the signs of being the good looking dude I am today – […]

Meet My Parrot Questions

Would you like you and your Parrot to be featured in our next meet my Parrot article? Then simply email your answers to these questions to Here are a few questions for you, and we can then turn your answers into an article for Meet My Parrot. Tell us about your Parrot Why did you […]

Meet Jerry the African Grey, Noora the Cockatoo and Bella the Macaw

Say hello to Jerry, Noora and Bella. Shahnaz Camatchee has written this delightful story about her Parrots Jerry, Noora and Bella. I grew up with Budgies and Lovebirds during all my childhood years in the Middle East, and then had a Cockatiel when I went to university. When I moved to the UK and got […]

Meet Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon

Say hello to Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon We’d like to introduce Jesspy who is an 8 month old Blue-fronted Amazon. Jesspy lives with her mum, Corinne Finlay. Over to Corinne who answered our questions. Why choose a Blue-fronted Amazon? I’ve always loved birds, and as a child I had a small green Parakeet. During a […]

Meet Siquo the African Grey

Say hello to Siquo the African Grey Another month, another very entertaining bird for you to meet in our Meet My Parrot series. This time we’re meeting Siquo the African Grey and her owner Tracey Deacon. Over to Tracey to tell us about Siquo. My Parrot is an African Grey. Her name is Siquo. She’s 17 years […]

Meet Jasper the African Grey

Say hello to Jasper the African Grey For this month’s Meet My Parrot, we’re meeting Jasper the African Grey and his brother Xavier. Over to his owner Julie Hunt. My partner and I decided together to look for an African Grey, after the untimely death of our young Amazon. After five long weeks we came […]