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Meet Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws

Meet Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws

Posted by Casper The Cockatoo And Rio And Sully The Macaws, Macaws, Cockatoos on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Casper the Cockatoo and Rio and Sully the Macaws.

We love hearing about your flock. In this latest instalment of our Meet My Parrot series Sandra Dixon tells us about her lovely birds, Sully the Blue and Gold, Rio the Green-wing and Casper the Umbrella Cockatoo.

About the birds

I have always been a bird lover, coming from a family of small, bird breeders and I have always kept at least one bird.

I now own a flock of three, which I have had since they were hand reared, mostly by myself. My first was Sully a large Blue and Gold, grumpy male. He is named after Sully from Monsters Inc. and is full of character.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Although he is a mummies boy he has a real hate for his cage being cleaned. So every day he shouts "no! get out" at me then pulls my hair. He then gets cross because I continue and holding onto his cage bars he throws bird food at me from his bowl with the use of his claws.


Sully doesn't like anyone apart from me. He will tolerate my husband but only because he wants my husband’s food.

As for talking well, this bird can talk the hind legs off a donkey. He begins all the full-blown conversations with the other two and when he has a squawk he frequently tells off our Green-wing and blames Rio for the noise. Sully is now nearly five years old.

Rio, our Green-wing, is a huge bird but a real gentle giant. He is now about 18 months old and is into everything just like a toddler. He enjoys helping mummy make cakes by throwing egg shells everywhere but his real passion is taking a bath whether in the kitchen sink or in the bathroom shower.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Rio has this strange obsession with ears and toes, he just loves to bite them. He also likes to wear his harness, sit on my shoulder and come out for walks with the dogs across fields, which gets a lot of attention as I am rather on the short side and his tail nearly reaches the ground.


He will let people have a little stroke but only the ones he likes. He is a very clingy bird to us and will not climb onto anyone. Our big, lovable, gentle giant never fails to make us laugh with his high-pitched voice which sounds like the Seasame Street character Elmo. Rio is now aged 18 months

Last but not least is our cheeky Alba Cockatoo Casper who is now aged three years old. Alba loves music and dancing. She adores her dad and refuses to go to bed for anyone else!

                                                                                                                                                                                         Alba has an uncanny knack of winding up the two Macaws especially Sully by pulling his cover from his cage which really irritates him. She always decides to have a scream at tea time whilst Sully tries calming her down with "alright girl! You’re alright shhhhh."


She hates bath times and sulks when she is sprayed. Casper will wear her harness and come out in the garden with us but only when it suits her. Like most Cockatoos she has a crazy nature and does the strangest of thing to keep us amused, loving the attention. Casper is now aged three.

As you can imagine our home is noisy and very eventful. However we couldn't live without or crazy feathered friends who dominate our lives.

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