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How To Make Friends With A Parrot

How To Make Friends With A Parrot

Posted by How To Make Friends With A Parrot, befriending a Parrot, caring for a Parrot on 9/1/2024

Barbara Heidenreich explains how to make friends with a Parrot.

If you are a fan of Parrots like me, you look forward to those moments when you get to make a new Parrot friend.

Unlike a dog or cat that may respond to a new person right away, birds can sometimes require a little extra effort on our part. Birds are often a bit nervous about meeting a stranger. Here are some things you can do to help them to be more comfortable when you are getting to know them.


Give the bird space: Although it is very tempting try not to go right up to a bird. Give him some time to get used to you being in the same room. Once he is looking relaxed and comfortable you can move a bit closer to the bird.


Move slowly: Birds can become frightened when people move too quickly. You don’t want to scare your soon-to-be new friend.


Approach from the front: Be sure to approach the Parrot so that he can easily see you coming. Many birds don’t like it when someone is moving behind them.


Show him something special: Before walking closer to a Parrot, it is a good idea to have some treats, Parrot toys or other special item with you. Ask people who know the bird what he likes best. You can show the bird what you have to give him before you get too close.


Watch his body language. When you show the Parrot the special treat or item you have for him, watch how the bird responds. If he leans towards you he is saying he would very much like to accept your gift. If he leans away he might be saying he is not sure he is ready to make friends right now and if he is not ready, you can always try again later.


Offer him the special treat: If the Parrot leans forward and reaches his beak towards what you have to offer, you can move closer and give him what you have. Whenever you offer a treat or toy to a Parrot for the first time try to present it so that the bird has to lean forward to take it with his beak. .

This way you don’t have to get too close to the bird’s beak. This is so you can be extra sure the bird is ready for the treat. Sometimes when we get too close or offer the item to fast, a bird might respond by biting.


Offer more treats: If the Parrot takes the first treat or toy and enjoys it. He might look or lean towards you for another one. If he does, that is an invitation to really start getting to know each other. Continue to offer him special treats or items. This will cause your new Parrot friend to really look forward to your visits.

Once a Parrot understands good things happen when you visit, you will begin to notice he will really want to get to know you better.

He might be eager to step onto your hand. He might even talk or sing to see if he can encourage you to come closer with a special treat. If he feels very comfortable with you, he might even let you stroke the feathers on his head. This is a good sign that you were very careful not to scare him and have done a good job earning his trust.


Making friends with a Parrot sometimes takes a little extra effort. But it is a very special compliment when a Parrot accepts you as a friend. Pay close attention to your actions when you are meeting a Parrot for the first time, offer him yummy treats and fun toys. Soon you will find yourself surrounded by many new feathered friends.

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This article was originally published on Good Bird Inc’s blog in February 2014.

Barbara Heidenreich has been a professional animal trainer since 1990. Her company Barbara’s Force Free Animal Training ( provides animal training DVDs, books, webinars and workshops. She has been a featured speaker in over twenty countries and has been published in nine languages. Barbara works with the companion animal community and also consults on animal training in zoos.